Where to Drink / Dance

The best coffee shops, bars and beach bars in town


2, Irakleous Str, 211 00 Nafplio
+30 27520 21155

Where the time stops What do you do, when you go to your favorite city for the day to work, you have four appointments and you just want to make time freeze, even for a while? Simple, you...


Arodo - Beach Bar Restaurant

Candia beach, Nafplio, Argolis
+30 27520 94047

On the enchanting beach of Kandia, in just a 15-minute drive from the center of Nafplio, the Arodo Café-Beach Bar-Restaurant is easy to find. There, on the sea shore, the sea breeze, the ...


Xenon Café

Syntagma Square, 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 97580

Nafplio is always charming, any time of year. No matter how many times you go, you discover something new. But what makes it stand out, are some steady values. Like Xenon café, for exampl...


Kontogiorgos Café

3, Akti Miaouli, 211 00 Nafplio (Old Port)
+30 27520 28686

There is one spot in Nafplio, from which at the same time you can enjoy great coffee and a view of history. This is the Miaouli Coast, where “Kontogiorgos” Cafeteria serves excellent capp...


Aktaion Mare

3, Miaouli coastal road, Nafplio harbor, GR 21100
+30 27520 27425

In the middle of the harbor of Nafplio, the "Aktaion Mare" all day café & bistro stands proudly unique, really hard to miss! One of the most historic cafeterias, of the most popular s...


Alkioni wine bar

Βασ. Αλεξάνδρου 26, T.K. 211 00 Ναύπλιο
27520 99231

As "alkioni" (the common kingfisher - Alcedo atthis) comes to our area to spend the winter, so the "Alkioni Wine Bar" came in the early November, to become our new winter hangout in Nafpl...


Calma Beach Bar

Kandia beach Nafplio, GR 210 60
+30 697 493 0178

At the beach named Kandia of Nafplio, you will find your new hangout, to chill out on the seashore. Calma Beach Bar has moved from Kondili beach to Kandia and arrived in a relaxed mode, b...


Mediterraneo Wine & Deli

10, Sofroni Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 97704

We were introduced with Mediterraneo when it first opened in July 2013, as the only delicatessen-grocery store in Nafplio. He said, "Nice to meet you" and I replied "Me even more!”. Now t...


Kosmos Bakery

78, Argous str. Nafplio, GR 21100
+ 30 27520 29100

"I got a sourdough bread, you have to try it!", "It makes perfect coffee here, let me treat you!", "Ice cream here is fantastic!". It was early summer, when these phrases reached my ears ...



7, Amalias str., Nafplio GR 211 00
27520 25554

This special Bar - Bistro in the old town, has been writing its own history! For more than three years, it has been a reference point and a favorite hangout for all ages... Events, partie...


3Sixty Café & Wine Bar

Vas. Alexandrou & Ferraiou Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 28068

Since February 2012, Nafplio has its own popular spot, a trendy hangout that not only represents, but in fact proves that "quality is a privilege for all". Housed in a beautifully renovat...


Fougaro Café-Bistrot

98, Asklipiou str. Nafplio, GR 21100
+30 27520 47347

Core of life of Fougaro Art Center, the Café-Bistrot is a charming place, which has become a favorite hangout for young and old, Nafplio residents, passers-by and Athenians... Art and ar...


Ancient Assini Beach Bar

Plaka Beach, Drepano village

This Beach Bar named under the homonymous camping (Ancient Assini Beach Camping), is an amazing spot beside the sea, to just relax before or after your swim in the clear waters of Plaka B...



4, Ethnikis Antistaseos Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 28383

Let's play a game: If Nafplio was a dessert, what would it be? Ice cream, of course! Why is that? Because you can enjoy them both 12 months a year! Indeed, when the new Gelarto ice-cream ...