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78, Argous str. Nafplio, GR 21100
+ 30 27520 29100

"I got a sourdough bread, you have to try it!", "It makes perfect coffee here, let me treat you!", "Ice cream here is fantastic!". It was early summer, when these phrases reached my ears from my friends in Nafplio. And I was wondering what was so great about Kosmos Bakery and everyone kept talking about it since it opened, in March 2021? An on-site report was simply imperative and my meeting with the owner Panagiotis Siannas could not wait.

New, nice and totally different
The day is sunny, my favorite playlist is playing loudly and I drive in an obvious good mood at Argous street. The minute I see the big signs of Kosmos Bakery, I turn right and directly park in the generous in square meters parking lot. What a relief, really, to find to park immediately right out of the store and safely! 
I get out of my car and take a few steps back, so I can fit the whole picture in my sight. And the image looks just stunning. The ground floor corner building, “dressed” in large all-white waves, surrounded by the water element and adorned with olive trees and Mediterranean plants, perfectly captures the Greek simplicity.

At the same time, this wonderful creation, conceived and implemented by the architect Panos Papasotiriou, has a shape and form that goes beyond the Greek borders, making you feel like a citizen of the world.
The skeptics would probably think, that in a shop so related to food, the appearance cannot and should not monopolize the first place in the list of pros. And I agree. However, you can only admit that the neat appearance gives the stigma of a company that respects the customer by satisfying an additional "hunger": that of the different, the new, the elegant.

From the inside
A coffee first of all!... I nimbly enter Kosmos Bakery, behind me follows a group of French, in front of me customers leaving with bags full of goodies. The high-ceilinged space, with white color dominating, the large semicircular lamps and columns with lighting rods, makes you see everything bright and optimistic. I surpass the provocative -like Sirens- showcases with food and sweets and reach the coffee station, on an all-white counter in the background. I order my fredo espresso at one of the four baristas. In the few minutes the coffee needs to get ready, I notice how elegant the white uniforms worn by the staff are, with well-ironed aprons and matching face-masks of fabric. And it is not only their tidy appearance that stands out, but also the smile, the courtesy and the client's immediate service, with almost orchestral movements.

The epitome of the fresh and handmade
"Bread, sweets, homemade cooked food, ice cream, everything you see at Kosmos is fresh and handmade, prepared daily at the back of the shop, where the production factory is situated," explains Mr. Siannas, who designed in his mind a 24-hour bakery shop with an emphasis on quality, similar to no other and, evidently, the plan was crowned with success.
As he guides me through the back area of the factory, where the heart of the production beats, (ss the rest of the owner's shops -Neon / Clock / Bicycle creperie- are supplied by this factory), I cannot help but notice how spotless are all the spaces. Here, with pure raw materials and tones of love, the bakery products are kneaded and baked, the famous cooked meals are made, the delicious sweets and the most delicious Italian ice cream are created!

Deliciously welcoming the day
At Kosmos you start your day with a coffee, along with a delicious breakfast, choosing from a variety of omelets, scrambled eggs, bacon, eggs, pancakes, and delicious loaves. Don’t forget to try the baguettes, pies (spinach pie, chicken pie, cheese pie, ham-cheese pie, milk pie), pizza, but also the chocolate croissants, donuts and "loukoumades" (Greek doughnuts).

Food like mom’s
At noon you take a break from your work and you come here, to choose one of the homemade cooked meals prepared at Kosmos (just like mom's!), that are truly amazing! I tried its excellent "yemista" (stuffed tomatoes and peppers) and the delicious burgers, that I accompanied with boiled vegetables, while there are plenty of different choices for every different taste, such as pork with mushrooms or even vegan, like gigantes (giant beans), that melt in your mouth.

Bread-made miracles
You've come to a bakery, won't you get some bread? Of course you will! I don't think I have ever seen as much variety in a bakery as in here: sourdough bread, baguettes, stone mill's bread, buckwheat bread, traditional Vlach, of mountain origin, buns of all kinds. At Kosmos, there is nothing you may want and will not find!

Fantastic gelato!
Ice cream is my weakness and I had heard so much about Kosmos handmade ice cream, that it was impossible to resist… So, I took some home. I chose kiounefe ntontourma, baklava and pistachio of Aegina. Based on the recipe of an Italian pastry chef, which came from Italy especially for Kosmos, created with pure raw materials and local Greek milk, also using imagination in creating original flavors, this ice cream is highly addictive!

High level pastry-making
If you are a lover of sweets, at Kosmos you will find your personal tasty paradise. Kadaifi sweets, baklava and "galaktoboureko" (custard filled pastry) compete in taste with orange pies, "ravani", chocolate pies, walnut pies and "ekmek". Right next, there are showcases full of irresistibly tasty fresh tartlets, triangle pastries, millefeuilles, kok and macarons, as well as cakes with playful overlays and birthday cakes, who win the impressions.
Personally, I prefer the traditional pastries -the almond, the serrano and the mixed ones- as well as the "ergolavos" sweets and the cariocas, flavors that take you back to your childhood.

Healthy choices
If you think that you will not find healthy choices here, you are mistaken. Choose an invigorating delicious juice with fresh fruits and vegetables from the Vitamin Bar. Try the fruit salads, yogurts with nuts and fruits and healthy bars. For a light lunch, choose a delicious salad or cooked meat with vegetables, while you can enjoy yogurt ice cream without guilt!
Fascinated by the unique aura of Kosmos Bakery, I haven’t realized how many hours I wander from
showcase to showcase and try exquisite flavors. As I get into the car to go back home, I deep down know that tonight I will be here again, with a cocktail in hand, next to the blue van-canteen and under the illuminated "waves" of Kosmos, which came to make our days and nights deliciously unique.

Did you know that?
Looking for a unique birthday cake? You can order it in any design you have in mind (or see numerous designs in the store's tablet), while if you are getting married, your wedding cake is worth being made by Kosmos Bakery.
In the showcase with the wines, you will find excellent labels from the vineyards of Nemea and from other Greek wineries, but also sparkling wines.
There are parking spaces (and toilet) for people with disabilities. If you come on your bicycle, you can leave it in the provided special places, while if you come with your dog, you can leave it for a few minutes with its leash in the nice dog parking lot.

In your choices...
Coffee, Freshly squeezed Juice, Handmade puff pastry, Cookies, Brunch, Baguettes, Cold Sandwiches, Snacks, Sweets, Cooked food, Wifi, Take away

Operating Period
All year round

Opening Hours
24 hours

78, Argous str. Nafplio, GR 21100
+ 30 27520 29100

Kosmos Bakery

Άργους 78, Ναύπλιο, Τ.Κ. 21100