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Let's play a game: If Nafplio was a dessert, what would it be? Ice cream, of course! Why is that? Because you can enjoy them both 12 months a year!
Indeed, when the new Gelarto ice-cream café opened (it was Christmas 2018), it seemed like a true Art Gallery exhibiting the ultimate star: the ice cream!

Favorite of all ages, the high art of ice cream
Can an ice cream cone become a work of art? Of course! It is also already hanging on the wall! As ice cream is deeply appreciated by all ages, young and old, you will notice all kinds of people of many different nationalities entering the shop meaning to taste it! I notice a young couple in love, also sharing their ice cream and the chocolate fountain, two ladies chatting and sharing things enjoying their coffee and sweets, a happy family of two ecstatic children all over their ice creams, teenager groups starting their evening out, taking their ice cream on the hand and hurrying to their stroll to the old town... The big door constantly opens and closes for as long as I stayed inside.

Ice cream of high quality
First of all, Petros and Nikos (the owners, Tsourdis brothers) are knowledgeable and creators of fine quality ice cream; the ice cream you give your child without a second thought! Secondly, the place is extremely stylish. On the ground floor of a mansion, with its three vaulted gray doors, it welcomes you into a high-ceilinged space with stone walls, lamps emitting a sweet light and relaxing music. And third -most importantly- these small, sweet works of art! ...
Let's start with the 37 gelato flavors that await you in the sweetest huts you've seen, side by side. Don't you want to try salted caramel or apple pie or bubble gum? Do you love sorbet, like we do? You will find lemon, grape, mango, orange, strawberry, peach, lemon and basil, strawberry-lemon, pomegranate, watermelon. Is your appetite more about waffles, mini waffles, crepes or pancakes? Their smell, when baking, is simply irresistible and the feeling they leave on your palate when your dish is nearly empty is that of total satisfaction! Want to accompany your coffee with a nice sweet? Their showcase is reminiscent of a jewelry showcase, as they are well placed the banoffees, the cheesecakes, the profiterol, the lemon pies, the chocolate soufflés and chocolate pies.

In one word, the whole point...
In the search to find the most appropriate word to best describe the Gelarto, only one word now comes in mind: respect. Respect for the customer who enters an elegant shop. Respect for the service, which is immediate, with courtesy and smile. Respect of all client's ages, from small children to the elderly.
Saying goodbye to Peter and Nick, I was thinking that to make good gelato requires knowledge, experience and good raw materials. But to succeed in "gelarto", you have to add much love. And here love exceeds and never melts!...

Did you know that?
In the afternoon, you will notice Peter making ice cream in his workshop. You can easily watch the process from the window, but don't hesitate to ask him anything about ice cream!
Here you can also drink a glass of wine, a beer or a drink, and if you are planning on going for a visit and have not bought a gift, ask for a bottle of wine or some Italian Venchi chocolates - your friends will appreciate it.
Try the new trend, the Bubble waffle, a waffle wrapped in a cone, that you can take and enjoy while wandering the streets of Nafplio.
Don't forget to create an insta-story that everyone will envy, with the chocolate fountain!
If for your wedding or your child's baptism and party, you would like your guests to enjoy a nice ice cream cone, Gelarto has an ice cream trolley. Just ask them!

At your choices...
Ice cream
Take away

4, Ethnikis Antistaseos Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
Open: All year
Opening Hours: Everyday from 10:00 in the morning

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Open: April - October
Opening Hours: Everyday from 10:00 in the morning

4, Ethnikis Antistaseos Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 28383


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