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Listing Local Standard or Premium wine tasting, Γευσιγνωσία τοπικών οίνων

In Nafplio old town, but also in the open air, the fields nearby or by the sea, there is the possibility of wine tasting, for those wanting to explore local Greek varieties. It is offered...

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Listing Nafplio_Sea_Kayak_Tour1.jpg

Nafplio Sea Kayak Tour (semi-private tour) is a flagship tour, paddling from the first capital of modern Greece, with 4 different fortresses in our view. All of them rich in history and f...

From 60 €
Listing Ancient Greece Wine tasting, γευσιγνωσία κρασιού αρχαίων ελληνικών οίνων

Meet the wine from its roots in Ancient Greece! Taste Ancient Greek varieties, make a delicious journey through time and imagine yourself in an ancient Greek banquet (symposium)!... A uni...

From 85 €
Listing μάθημα κατάδυσης, δραστηριότητα κατάδυσης, discover scuba diving

Nafplio and its surrounding beaches, easy accessible and with wonderful clean waters, are ideal to enjoy the pleasures of the sea all year round. As so, you can discover new activities, f...

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Listing go kart activity, nafplio, championship

For leisure or to let loose, for fun or to play with friends, for training or to detain yourself in your spare time, alone or with your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend or your family, ...

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Listing πεζοπορία με Yoga, Yoga by the sea, Yoga in Nafplio, Hiking with Yoga in Nafplio, Nafplio Yoga activity

Combine two unique activities, with an excursion in nature! Mountain or sea, whichever you prefer, gives its unique aura and ideal scenery, for an unforgettable experience! Exercise alter...

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Listing Mystery game Nafplio

A mystery game that seeks a solution over 2 centuries evolves into the heart of the old city of Nafplio. Attention, everything is possible to happen! Take your friends and enjoy a tour in...

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Listing Μαθαίνω το κομπολόι, φτιάχνω το δικό μου κομπολόι, κομπολόι Ναύπλιο, κατασκευή κομπολογιού, Μουσείο Κομπολογιού, μάθημα κομπολογιού, making of komboloi, Komboloi Museum Nafplio, komboloi lesson

A creative, amazing and original activity, that you can enjoy inside its most authentic place! In one of the oldest preserved houses of Nafplio, with the smells of the materials, their va...

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Listing cycling, bicycle, ποδηλασία, activity, nafplio, Ναύπλιο, δραστηριότητα

For those who want to get to know Nafplio in a different way, for the nature & action lovers and for those who like working out, this is the ideal activity. It combines mountain or se...

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Listing Γευσιγνωσία Ναύπλιο, οινογνωσία Ναύπλιο, wine tasting in Nafplio, wine tourism in Nafplio

In Nafplio old town, there is the possibility to experience a wine tasting (emphasis given in all the Greek varieties). In simple wine tastings, meet the secrets of good wine and enjoy r...

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Listing kite surf Nafplio, Nafplio sea activity, sea sport, extreme sports Nafplio

In this city one can finally do almost anything, even learn kite surfing! In an ideal shallow beach, with perfect wind every day and capable trainers, you can train yourself in a most int...