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18, Saint George's Square, 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 27797

Spacious and elegant, right on St. George’s square, this shop with handmade gifts and souvenirs is nothing like the others! The bright exception to the rule Unlike any other touristic so...



24, Vas. Konstantinou Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 98444

No 24 at St. Konstantinos Street (the central and most famous pedestrian road of the old town), a few steps away from the Nafplio City Hall, hides a small paradise of colors and gifts, th...



10, Kapodistriou Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 29306

On my last trip to town, I discovered a small ceramics workshop in the famous Kapodistriou Street, in the heart of Old Town, 50 meters above Syntagma Square. Money boxes, glasses, candles...


A! Ladokampos Gold

Kolokotroni Square, Nafplio GR. 211 00
27520 27777

Olivine Tasting Bar and Shop I cross the Kolokotroni park, with the statue of the equestrian hero surrounded by flowery jacarandas and, coming out as if from a painting with shades of pur...



3, Vas. Konstantinou Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 26167

Walking from Syntagma Square towards the pedestrian road "V. Konstantinou", just a few steps ahead, some small, large and huge windmills capture your heart! A fair wind is blowing outside...


Naias Soap Shop

19, Vas. Alexandrou str. Nafplio (old town) GR 211 00
+30 2752 110522, +30 694 8827875

A hidden shop, a gem found in the alleys of the old town under the bougainvilleas, that you can discover from the wonderful, refreshing smell of soap and essential oils. The "Naias" labor...


Gallery by Nena

Κοκκίνου 8, Ναύπλιο Τ.Κ. 211 00 (Παλιά πόλη)
+30 2752 303443 & +30 694 6765726

In the picturesque alleys of Nafplio, where your walks never end, among the bougainvillea flowers, the special buildings, the beautiful balconies and the old doors with the knockers, with...


Ex Nihilo

5, Kotsonopoulou & Ipsilantou str., Nafplio GR 211 00
+30 27520 29775

In a city, that is rightfully proud of its uniqueness, discovering creative people with morals and depth is a small burst of happiness... For those who do not know her personally, Lydia S...


Anna Douka - Handmade Jewelry

6, Kostsonopoulou str., Nafplio GR 211 00
+30 27520 97619, +30 6942 222424

One of the favorite pleasures in Nafplio is to wander its picturesque alleys gazing at the shop windows. Among them, Anna Douka Handmade Jewelry, in a magically energetic way, invites you...



Koletti 1 & Vassileos Alexandrou str., Nafplio (old town), GR 21100
+30 27520 22380, +30 6978886376

I thought I discovered my city and its people, as soon as I visited "Agnithes". I live so long in Nafplio and I had never noticed this particular place of art!


Athena gallery

15, Emanuel Sofroni str., Nafplio (old town) GR. 211 00
+30 27520 23329

In the old town of Nafplio, it is worth entering this incredible Gallery, for a trip to our ancient Greek past, literally taking a trip back in time! There you will see works of art and m...


Sokaki Deli

52, Argous & Charilaou Trikoupi str., Nafplio Argolis, GR 211 00
+30 27520 47135

Passport for familiar destinations is the food, familiar but also unexplored, still mostly uncharted, and the Sokaki Deli seems to be the crossroad to the enjoyable routes of tastes... ...


5 & 14

5, Staikopoulou Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 28163

Across the Parliament Building, at the edge of Syntagma Square, you will find a shop called "5&14". You will not see any sign, just get in and you will instantly know that you're in t...


Komboloi Museum

25, Staikopoulou Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 21618

As I was walking down Staikopoulou street, in the heart of the old town, I noticed a small corner building named "Komboloi Museum". The paradise of the chaplet


Despo, art clothing

11, Vas. Olgas & 11 Siokou str., Nafplio old town
+30 2752 300704, +30 694 1421308

The most distinctive women's clothing shop in Nafplio old town, with unique clothing and accessories... all works of art! Quality fabrics, clothes, pashminas, handbags and hats, all hand-...


Poppy's Clothing

23, Vas. Olgas str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
T. +30 2752 401776

At Poppy's, the modern woman finds her best self and puts the true finesse in her everyday life! Clothes and accessories transform her into a modern celebrity, with incomparable style and...


Polytimi Pottery

17, Vas. Olgas str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old town)
+30 27520 29932

Eventually, this city haw been loved a lot! Not only in words but in practice, since I constantly meet "foreign" people who choose to live in Nafplio and start their own business, like Po...