Kontogiorgos Café

3, Akti Miaouli, 211 00 Nafplio (Old Port)
+30 27520 28686

There is one spot in Nafplio, from which at the same time you can enjoy great coffee and a view of history. This is the Miaouli Coast, where “Kontogiorgos” Cafeteria serves excellent cappuchino, admiring “Bourtzi” castle ahead… all yours to watch!

The details that make the difference
My excellent cappuchino arrives served with fresh home-made cake by waiters elegantly dressed, wearing black polo shirts with the sign embroidered in gold thread. I like to often focus on the details, because (yes, cliché probably) but they always make the difference. A beautiful chair, a comfortable sofa, a table in irregular shape, all dressed in genuine wood, a glass frame around me that prevents the cold from passing through, but it allows my sight to be lost in the light waves and “Bourtzi” castle in the sea, in front of me.

People who continue to write history
Here, the always optimistic Effie along with her outgoing brother Vassilis, know that the details play a part. As they also know that people who come here are looking for two things: the lovely view and a really good coffee. And they are offering them to us generously, with the generosity that deserves a place with such a great history. Nearly 50 years, half a century has passed since their dad opened in this place an avant-garde café-patisserie. But daddy Kontogiorgos, who had traveled the world and was open to new knowledge and challenges, went a step further and introduced the espresso and cappuccino to the greeks. Most importantly, he created his own patent: the cappuccino with whipped cream, which I now enjoy.

Always a step ahead
Couples with puppies, families with their children, groups of young people lazily walking about, at the adjoining tables some speak aloud about travels and experiences, no misery, no nagging. The atmosphere in this historic, but constantly renewing city café-bar, gives inspiration for fleeing dreams and new decisions. As something to remind you that having solid foundations in your life and based on the experience of the past, you must always go forward. To be renewed, not resting complacent and to go over again.

All these summer dates
And in the summer (oh, the summer! ...) here again I will find myself, sitting at the tables outside, breathing the light sea breeze, and enjoying with my family a fresh fruit salad, a luxurious club sandwich or a pizza with thin dough. It is here that I will give the afternoon appointments with my friends for a little chat, with the most special waffles filling our table. Until the dark, and the mood urge us to order a drink and share many confessions. And then I'll steal a few minutes from my friend Effie’s time, to clash our glasses and say how few things a man truly needs, in order to be happy.

Did you know that?
Very beautiful indeed is also the interior, with its huge chandelier, its impressive bar, but also its inviting, cozy and colorful sofa, which invites you to sit here for hours.
If you do not know what to order, consult one of the gentle waiters, who will serve you instantly, always with a smile.
Something tells me that we will soon see new changes in the menu. More sweets perhaps? Effie and Vassilis, as always, do not cease to seek new ideas and the highest of quality. Just like he also did 50 years ago dad Kontogiorgos.

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3, Akti Miaouli, 211 00 Nafplio (Old Port)
+30 27520 28686

Κοντογιώργος Café

Ακτή Μιαούλη 3, 21100 Ναύπλιο (Παραλία)