From 20 €
10, Papanikolaou str. (next to the Officers' Club), GR 211-00 Nafplio
27520 27810
From 20 €

This brand new restaurant that just opened in the heart of the city, is offering us modern Mediterranean cuisine, a romantic atmosphere, good aesthetics and a real pleasure of the senses! At a point in the old city that we come across in any of our walks, very easy to find, a stop in this oasis of the senses relaxes and renews us, leaving our eyes and taste totally satisfied...

I always thought that in a city like Nafplio, with a big variety of restaurants, there was a lack of a restaurant that combines affordable luxury with complete satisfaction of the taste. Until Éspero opened.

Dreams come true
The picturesque Philellinon Square, just two steps from the sea, in the heart of the old town, was chosen by Theodoris Dagiantis together with his brother Konstantinos, to make his dream come true: a special place to be with a dual role, which offers hospitality, but also a high-level focus.
And as the day I met them the suites were still under construction, I kept my curiosity about what they were preparing and entirely lived the experience of their new and very promising restaurant.

Fine decoration  
I sat for a while in the long narrow space, which welcomes you through its sliding door. There, where eight tables are beautifully laid under large umbrellas, where you are generously given the view of Filellinon square, the square of Agios Nikolaos and the blue sea.
The interior, however, exceeded all my expectations. Impressive, as a high ceiling it is, it has an aura that envelops you making you immediately feel familiar.
I do not know which table is the best. That one, on the sofas with the metal backs, the round table between them or maybe one of the central ones on the oriental carpet with warm colors, under the modern chandelier-style lamps, that turn a blind eye to the trends of decoration? I like them all!
Right and left, the stone-clad walls raise your aesthetic criteria to another level. A creation made of metal, special lighting and a huge clock starring in one wall, three elongated oval constructions in the green and the light in the other. Looking up, you see iron grids with greenery and flowers, like hanging gardens, like a small decoration miracle.

Another level
The wooden staircase challenged me to climb up. To admire how harmoniously it was combined with the stone walls? To observe the work of art with the little people climbing? Or maybe to see, reaching up the last step, one of the hottest places I've ever seen?
I am impressed by the arch made of stone, the floor covered with stars, the wall with the pink roses on a gray background, the tables and chairs in a mix&match mood, the sofas made of metal backs.
I think at the moment, how much I would like to host a private meal here for my friends, to celebrate an important moment of my life, under the light diffused by the modern lamps, with the chill out music accompanying the sounds of satisfaction of the attendees.

Fine taste
The decoration may be impressive -and rightly so, because we all like to enjoy our meal in an elegant environment- but the experience is completed with the delight of the dishes.
Theodoris tells me, that the raw materials selected are based on quality and so the pasta is handmade, the meat of first quality, the cheese is imported from Italy or from the nearby Arachnaio village, such as the gruyere, the bread is of 3-4 different types.
Do not be puzzled, if you are initially served a very nice soup that... you have not ordered.  Éspero offers it as the start of an unforgettable meal -what a pleasant surprise!
In the menu, the appetizers worthily compete with the main dishes, the salads challenge you to try them one by one, the handmade pasta puts you in a dilemma about what to choose first (spaghetti, penne, linguine, ravioli), while the burgers and varieties have leveled up (a modern meze bar and restaurant at the same time -result unexpected)!
At the same time, a main course, such as the beef fillet or the chicken skewer "kontosouvli" and the grilled salmon, prove to be infinitely tastier than their vivid description.
As for the daily specials, many became the guests' favorite from the very first weeks of the restaurant's operation and constantly remain in the menu, such as: the caramelized pansetta, the octopus with fava beans and caramelized onions, the sautéed greens with pork or the traditional onion pie. Whatever you order, before it satisfies your sense of taste, it will have won your sight, as Éspero places great emphasis on setting up and presenting the dishes.
Of course, do not forget to accompany the excellent flavors with a wine of your choice, choosing from the well-informed wine list.
The dessert will finish your meal in the sweetest way, leaving its aftertaste for a long time in the memories of your gustatory cup.
That sweet moment, when you know that this ritual of taste is coming to an end, you will feel full, satisfied, grateful for the experience that Éspero has offered you. Until next time…

Did you know that?
You will also find a kids menu with delicacies, such as such as Mini Beef or Chicken Burger, individual pizzas, chicken nuggets breaded with corn flakes and butter-spaghetti or spaghetti with tomato sauce.
If you do not wish to order a bottled wine, you can select one of the wines, that are served by the glass.
If you wonder about the prices, Éspero is definitely value for money.
The staff, polite and helpful, is always willing to answer any questions you may have about the dishes.
When the suites are ready, you will experience the affordable luxury of an unforgettable stay.
Éspero means "I hope" in Spanish.

Full Menu and daily specials
Take Away

Operating period
All year

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday: 12:30 until 24:30

Did you know that?
Very soon, a luxury guesthouse will open to the public above the restaurant; so that  Éspero will offer its customers a complete proposal and experience...

10, Papanikolaou str. (next to the Officers' Club), GR 211-00 Nafplio
27520 27810


Παπανικολάου 10 (πλησίον Λέσχης Αξιωματικών), T.K. 21100 Ναύπλιο