Kipos Restaurant

From 12 €
1, Philellinon Square, 21100, Nafplio
+30 27520 22978
From 12 €

Colors and flavors of the Mediterranean
If you are a fan of Mediterranean cuisine and you love enjoying your food overlooking Bourtzi, your choice is one and called Kipos Restaurant. This restaurant in the picturesque Filellinon Square is a colorful garden full of flavors and aromas of greek cuisine.

Decoration that elevates your mood
Here, the light green and bright yellow colors in the decoration of the exterior always lightens my heart. And increases my appetite, of course! While waiting for Fanis (the owner), I take a stroll in the square and observe the original construction with round lamps, which illuminate the word "Kipos" (garden) made of wood, as well as the colored pots on the right and left. I stand in front of a large blackboard and read the day's specials -what can I order this time?

Honest food
"Whatever you order, the food here is honest," says Fanis, who started as an employee at the tavern "Bassilis" at first, then there as a partner, while in 2008 he started his own "Kipos" (garden) restaurant, where he and his partner Thanassis offer their clients unique dining options. But what does "honest food" mean? It means that whatever dish comes out of the kitchen, it will be given the 100% of attention and effort. The people who cook, the chef Grigoris Anastassopoulos and the other cooks, all give their best so that customers are not simply satiated, but completely satisfied.
How do they do that? Their secret lies first and foremost in their love of cooking and in the careful selection of raw materials, since they prefer local meats and cheeses, local olive oil from Ligourio village, fresh vegetables from the greengrocer's.

Delights, that put you in dilemma
That is why their tables are always filled with Greeks and foreigners, locals and tourists, who enjoy the famous risotto and pasta of "Kipos", the traditional stews and -of course- seafood.
Time passes and conversation has aroused my appetite. I carefully read the menu and think about what to order from the selection of appetizers; the marinated anchovies, octopus with vinegar or maybe mussels in wine sauce?
From the suggested salads, I choose "Kipos" salad with french lettuce, curly salad, arugula, basil and feta cheese with black sesame, while I can not resist my favorite "kefalograviera" (local gruyere) of Trachia village, served with honey and walnuts.
How about the main dish? I'm in a big dilemma here. Eventually Fanis brings me and my friends to try a bit of everything. The luxurious "Kipos" burger with eggplant and cheese from Metsovo (the famous Εpirus village), di Parma pasta with prosciutto, parmesan and tomato sauce, and veal wrapped in prosciutto and sauce of semi-sweet wine, all a living dream!
We accompany our meal with excellent wine and finish with a delicious "ravani" sweet with ice cream, leaving the sweetest aftertaste to this dining experience.
As we eat, the tables are filling with people. Smiling groups of friends and families are sitting, eating, laughing, children are playing in the square, the boats come and go to Bourtzi castle and I serve some more wine into our glasses. This "walk in the Garden", we never want to end!

Did you know that?
The interior is also lovely decorated, with fake balconies with red and green railings, doors and windows, a decoration that makes you feel like you're in an old picturesque neighborhood.
In 'Kipos" you can enjoy besides your wine and beer, ouzo and tsipouro (raki), which you will ideally accompany with delicious seafood delicacies.
No need to worry about the bill, as in "Kipos" restaurant you will find excellent value for money prices.

Operating period
All year

Working hours
Monday to Sunday 12:00 - 00:00 
During the winter the restaurant remains closed every Wednesday

1, Philellinon Square, 21100, Nafplio
+30 27520 22978

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