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61, Bouboulinas str., Nafplio port
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No matter how many "paths" of taste you follow, whatever cuisines you discover, one thing is for sure: you will always return to the traditional tavern, with the authentic Greek cuisine!
Folia (nest): This is the name of the new tavern, just opened in August 2019 in Bouboulina's str., the seafront of Nafplio and one of the most beautiful streets in Greece.
I meet the owner of Folia, Sakis, a simple and friendly guy, who with many years of experience in the catering business and service, decided to create a place of his own. Well knowing what elements satisfy a customer and having respect to both us and the local community, he has chosen the dishes to be based on local raw materials, with meat, vegetables, cheese and olive oil from his land of origin.

A nest that closes you inside
During our lovely conversation, I find the opportunity to observe that the decoration at this tavern here is as intimate as its owner.
On the façade, the walls in oil green color have small chalkboard signs on, indicating the specialties and making you stop to read them, as you walk down the Bouboulina's pedestrian street. The lanterns hanging from the wall give a touch of charm from the past, as next to them a canary in its cage offers the most melodic song with its singing. I cross the entrance -the central of the three tall ivory doors with arched finish on top of them- and upon entering the 'folia" I realize how apt the name of the tavern is.
The interior, small and cozy, hosts about 10 tables; with the strong element of stone to dress up the walls and black wire frames, modern lamps and three large decorative graters, harmoniously matches the contemporary with the traditional style.

What should we order?
Whatever our appetite tells us! Would you want to start with some appetizers, like potato stuffed with minced meat and soft-boiled eggs, meatballs with yogurt sauce and "spetzofai" with two kinds of sausages?
Could we also have a Greek salad with sea fennel, a green salad with anise croutons and gruyere of Argolis or perhaps an abundant "Folia" salad with spinach, bacon and smoked cheese?
Would we not also try a pork "kontosouvli" or squid stuffed with Greek cheeses and honey sauce, that is so delicious? As of course, we would also try something traditionally cooked: lamb in lemon sauce, "soutzoukakia" meatballs and stuffed cabbage rolls. Unless we see something else in the day's specials, that will urge us to taste it!
With pouring wine of Nemea we will ideally accompany our food, while folk songs will come along to relax and cheer us up.
And so, as we all sit together around a table in "Folia", with the dishes to empty and the glasses filling wine again and again, we will recall the dinners of our childhood on Sundays, full of flavors, light and Greece…

Did you know that?
If you have not yet tried Gkogkes (local pasta), order the plate "Gkogkes carbonara with syglino cheese", that you will find in the Appetizers column, but you may also easily enjoy it as a main dish.
Ask Sakis about the "Atlantic bonito (fish) in the tile"; he will tell you about traditional ways of cooking fish and of course he would suggest it to you, if you like fish.
And while the interior is very nice, personally I always choose the outside sitting area, which is also a stylishly decorated and has unique view of the palm trees of Bouboulina street, the sails of the sailing boats -ready to sail for their next voyage- and of course the sublime blue of the sea...

61, Bouboulinas str., Nafplio port
+30 27520 28010

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