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30, Bas. Olgas Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 26828
From 12 €

Famous chefs have now come to the conclusion that the highest rated kitchen is promoted through the simplest combinations made from first class materials. This conclusion is actually confirmed when you find yourself in the picturesque alley of Queen Olga and sit for a meal in Aiolos tavern. It is no coincidence that in Trip Advisor the best reviews are written for Aiolos.

Tavern with a Greek stamp
This "taverna" is Greek authentic, with tables outside in the alley paved with checkered tablecloths and using old cans of feta in a role of pots with basil. Housed on the ground floor of an old building with blue shutters, the inside of the tavern is low-ceilinged and hosts about 10 tables, decorated with frames of marine motifs on the walls and with dozens of children's drawings all over them.

Greek mama handmade food
In the kitchen you will find Helen. Her dishes are purely Greek: vine beans, "kayana" (scrambled eggs with garlic and tomato), veal "gkioulpasti" (slowly baked with local gruyere cheese and peppers), lamb "Mpogana" or lamb in the oven paper that melts in your mouth, stuffed squid, "gemista" (stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice and herbs), authentic moussaka. I take a look at the menu, which is full enough and written with a bit of humor: appetizers, cheeses, 14 different salads following the different seasons, pastas, seafood, grilled meat, special dishes (such as schnitzel, Marsala, tenderloin) and walnut cake, orange pie, halva for dessert. Yet you do not want much to really enjoy food. A plate of string beans or a beetroot salad can also make you happy, some fresh pleurotus mushrooms or a "saganaki" from feta cheese with sesame, can send you directly to the planet Delight!

Conspiracies of a friendly company
The smiling waiter who serves me is wearing a shirt that says "Aiolos: a friendly company", which is consisted by Helen, Chris and George. Yes, we are talking about a company of friends, a friendly company that makes its own revolution trying to revive the Greek cuisine, with ingredients of mainly their own production. Three friends "in search of new friends," as they say, this is their philosophy of life. Their goal, is to make everyone who comes to Aiolos leave happy. That is a really big deal.

In search of the authentic
Three friends who do not accept anything less than the pure, delicious and tasty food, searching for the best products and know how to recognize and where to find the freshest ingredients. That is why the tomatoes and potatoes come from the top Greek producers, the cheese from a traditional producer, their meat is always fresh, selected with the strictest criteria. As for the house wine (three white, three red varieties), when you try it, you can understand that in Aiolos they truly respect the client -how else will they make him a friend? The three friends do not say much. They laugh a lot, they work a lot and they stay true to their dreams. When you go, you will see for yourselves.

Did you know that?
Chris, George and Helen worked at Aiolos tavern the last 10 years, but from March 2014 they took over the business.
At Aiolos you can also indulge in a wine tasting marathon! Particularly get to know the exquisite Greek varieties and taste as many of the 150 Greek wine labels as you can! The owners will help you with their knowledge, but they can also arrange a private tasting with the presence of an expert, a sommelier.
The waiters here speak 5 languages!

Take away, Music, WiFi
Greek cuisine and Greek wines

All year
During winter (except holidays) mainly open on Friday and weekends.

Opening Hours
Everyday from 12:00 until 01:00 in the morning

30, Bas. Olgas Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 26828


Βασ. Όλγας 30, Τ.Κ. 211 00, Nafplio (Old Town)