Flisvos Royal

From 87 €
26, Bouboulinas str. Tolo, 21056
+30 27520 59783-4
From 87 €

In Flisvos Royal, everybody can enjoy truly affordable luxury, just steps away from the magnificent sandy beach of Tolo. Fully accessible for disabled people, the hotel offers 47 spacious rooms with all the amenities and guarantees an unforgettable holiday!

Hotel Policy
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Children up to 5 years old
Distance from beach
20 meters
Lobby lounge bar
Swimming Pool
Non smoking rooms
Sunshine Yard
Heating/Air Conditioning
Breakfast at the room
Room service
Mini Bar
Products for personal care
Baggage Storage
Special Menus (on request)
Rooms and public spaces friendly to people with special needs
26, Bouboulinas str. Tolo, 21056
+30 27520 59783-4

As the kids enjoy their swim in the pool and the weather is miraculously ideal, I order a coffee from the pool bar and totally letting myself in the day's relaxing mood, here at Flisvos Royal, I think about the hidden beauty of Argolis…
Of course, this spot also inspires me - this wonderful hotel in Tolo, which won me over from the very first moment I entered it and walked on its wooden deck floor. After all, the hospitality places created with good taste and respect for the human being, always conquer you with their positive aura.
My daughter's voice, as she slides into the pool, takes me away from my thoughts. "Mom, the pool is great!" and I totally agree with her, sitting at my table, in a lush green environment, surrounded by bananas, apricots and palm trees.

The view lies on the ground floor
My curiosity leads me to better know the hotel. I enter the lobby and my soul sort of calms, as I wander in its colorful and quiet space.
I sit for a while on the round patchwork sofa, right opposite the reception. With two steps I move further in; I walk in the bar with the white tables and the pool view, I take a peek at my daughter and continue walking until I find a really big breakfast area. I immediately distinguish my favorite corner of the patio, with the sunlight to sweetly warm me up and the plants along the wall to offer me a sense of peace and harmony. Ideal place to enjoy your breakfast and to optimistic start your day!
In the background, the playroom and TV room will soon be filled with families with children playing with their parents, couples relaxing just before they go out for a walk, ladies spending free time drinking an ice tea.

A real surprise stay!
It is exactly then that I decide: although I have come for work, I will surprise the children and stay here for a few days! But I won't tell them anything, before going up to see some of the 47 rooms of the hotel and choosing the perfect one for us.
Believe me, this is not an easy choice. I cross the corridors - each with its own colors - and with the help of staff, I enter the available rooms. Here's the first dilemma: Room with garden or pool/sea view? Green or blue color to welcome us from our balcony?
As I observe the décor of the rooms, I think that the aesthetics, the modern tendency and the refined sophistication perhaps steal the impressions, even from the usually incomparable greatness of nature.
As I am a lover of detail, I observe the minimal lamps and the elegant colored bedding, I am excited with the smart cabinet, which opens to become a desk or table and closes saving space, I sit in the elegant living room with the two armchairs and I decide that this is where I will finish reading my favorite book.
I have already found the room of our short stay here in Tolo, when overjoyed, I head out to the pool to announce it to the children.

With respect to man…
Yet, there is a building that I have not seen on the left side of the main entrance; I ask about it and the hotel responsible offers me a tour. Well, I admit this is the moment I am amazed! This is a special building for people with disabilities, with an elevator for the carts to go upstairs, with 6 spacious rooms, specially designed and modernly decorated, an eye-catcher like which I have never seen before! How important it is to provide hospitality to people with mobility problems, who want to enjoy life as much as all of us! I think that now I love this hotel a little more...
Respect: I think this is the word that characterizes the Flisvos Royal. Respect to our aesthetics, respect for diversity, in our need for tranquility and relaxation, in the time that is slowly flowing, as it should. "Children, I have something wonderful to tell you!" I say and I slide with them into the pool diving in absolute happiness.

Did you know that?
The breakfast buffet is rich, full of handmade and traditional delicacies, such as orange pie, “galactobureco” (custard filled pastry), rice pudding, pasta Flora, spinach and greens pies.
The hotel has ample parking space for its clients' cars.

Flisvos Royal

Μπουμπουλίνας 26, Τολό, Τ.Κ. 210-56