Nikos & Natali: "A exceptional memory"

Having dreamed of a different wedding, with the intention to keep their guests a distinct recollection, Nikos and Natali have chosen the chapel of the Holy Apostles in Koronisi to join their lives.

Their suspense combined with sweet smiles and their wonderful mood, literally dragged us in an enjoyable preparation, resulting in a wonderful wedding and a wild wedding party, which lasted until the early hours.

Quite colors and fragrant perfumes embraced the space in order to provide the required difference in the day. Lavender and purple shades, cobs and aromatic spices became one. The day fulfilled with  firecrackers, while the couple arrived by boat in the party along with the shine of countless candles and their love flame etched the moment in everyone’s thought, because with no doubt everyone will always remember something from this marriage ...

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"Wonderful people, impeccable professionals! Their experience, their flair, their flawless behavior and their love for their job, managed to give us a very beautiful and perfect result. Without Discover Nafplio Weddings we would have accomplished nothing. Thank you very much! This day has been unforgettable, like you !!"

Nikos and Natali

wedding in Nafplio, orthodox, island, couple.jpg
wedding in Nafplio, orthodox, island, couple.jpg