Trianon - The Old Tzami

One of the oldest surviving buildings from the period of the first Ottoman domination, is the Old Tzami (Mosque), which adorns the center of the city of Nafplio. The beautiful building that is located in the Syntagma Square, nowadays it is know as "Trianon" and was during the Ottoman years, a space of religion. The mosque was simple, with no special features or decorations with large minarets. It was located in the Grand Vizier district or the Sultan Ahmet district, in the center of the city market.

Trianon through the centuries
Trianon is probably one of the original Ottoman mosques built during the early Ottoman period. In 1687, during the Second Venetian occupation, as most mosques, it was converted into a Christian temple dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padova. It was a donation by the Venetian general Francis Morosini.
During the second Ottoman period it was again used as a mosque. In 1833 the first Men's Mutual School was housed. In 1915 it was converted into a conservatory and theater, and then into a municipal cinema under the name "Trianon". Today it is used as a small theater with the same name.

Did you know that?
The old mosque is perhaps the oldest example of Ottoman architecture, in the town of Nafplio.
Today many theatrical performances, art exhibitions and schools events are organized at Trianon.

nafplio, trianon
nafplio, trianon

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