Vouleftiko - Nafplio Artiva 6th International Choral Festival, 6-10 November 2019

In the historical building of the Old Parliamentary House ("Vouleftiko") in Nafplio, for the fifth consecutive year the "Nafplio - Artiva 6th International Choral Festival" takes place, from November 6th to November 10th 2019, organized by the Municipality of Nafplio and DOPPAT, in collaboration with ARTIVA Cultural Management & Advertising, under the artistic direction of the conductor-maestro Theodosis Antoniades.

The festival has a competition character and also maintains the free participation of choruses, as applied in the previous years.  Twenty five (25) remarkable choruses will take part in this year's artistic program of the festival. The jury of the Competition Festival consists of prominent figures of choral art.
The organizational and artistic level of the Festival is very high and combined with the charm and beauty of the city of Nafplio, the "Nafplio - ARTIVA International Choral Festival" is one of the best in Greece.


Wednesday, November 6th 2019
Starting time: 20.00
Launch of "Nafplio - Artiva International Choral Festival 2019". The Mayor of Nafplio announces the opening of the Festival. Greeting speech by the Festival's Artistic Director.
Artistic program 
"Symphony", Female Vocal Ensemble of Nafplio
Lyric Night with Opera Soloists:
Lydia Angelopoulos -metzo soprano, Katia Paschou -soprano and Stamatis Beris -tenor. Playing piano, the eminent pianist Dimitris Yakas. A magical journey with excerpts from operas, operettas, musicals and popular songs from the Greek and international repertoire.

Thursday, November 7th 2019
Starting time: 20.00
Artistic program
Municipal Chorus of Megara (Attica)
"Harmony", Kalamata Chorus of the Friends Of Music Union
Chorus of the Municipality of Epidaurus

Friday, November 8th 2019
Starting time: 19.00
Artistic program
Nafplio Municipal Mixed Polyphonic Chorus of D.O.P.P.A.T
"Epilogi", Mixed Chorus - Cyprus
Faiakos Chorus of Corfu
Chorus of Pontian Cultural Association of Kallithea - Sykeon
"Agapi" (Love), New European Chorus of Perea Club

Saturday, November 9th 2019
Starting time: 12.00
Competition Program
"Canto Olympus" Mixed Chorus of Aegina (1st Category, Mixed Choruses)
"Agapi" (Love), New European Chorus of Perea Club (1st Category, Mixed Choruses)
- Intermission
Competition Program
Starting time: 16.30
Children's Chorus of the 3rd Primary School of Metamorphosis Attica (4th Class, Children's Choruses)
"La Vita", Women's Chorus of Tripoli (3rd Category, Similar Voices)
Patras Polyphonic Chorus, Youth Chorus (2nd Category, Chamber Choruses)
Women's Vocal Ensemble - Chorus Artworks (2nd Category, Chamber Choruses)
"Music Act" Conservatory's Mixed Choir (5th Category, Religious Music)

Artistic program
Starting time: 21.00
Children - Youth Chorus of "Athena" Conservatory
Female Vocal Ensemble - Artworks Chorus
"Cantelena" Chorus of Patras
"E-Cho" Chorus of the "Evriton" Club of Rodopi prefecture

Sunday, November 10th 2019
Starting time: 12.00
Competition Program

Children Chorus of 4th & 15th Primary School of Kalamaria
Children - Youth Chorus of the Municipality of Dionysus (Attica)
Announcement of Results - Awarding of Competition Festival's Awards and Prizes
Artistic program
Starting time: 19.00
Choir of Nea Kios, Municipality of Argos - Mycenae
"Philharmonia" Chorus of Xylokastro
Choral Workshop "Iamvos"
Chorus "Canto Mortale" of Alpha Conservatory
Corfu's "Kadada" and "Mandolinata"

The Venue
"Vouleftiko" Nafplio


Did you know that?
During these five years of the conduction of the festival, 140 choral ensembles from Greece, Cyprus and abroad have participated and more than 9000 choristers and visitors have visited the city, during the Nafplio - Artiva International Choral Festival.
This year, from November 6th to 10th, more than 1.500 choruses and visitors will visit Nafplio, who will stay in Nafplio and Tolo.
This is now the sixth event, which has become an institution.

6ο Διεθνές Χορωδιακό Φεστιβάλ Ναύπλιο Artiva, Nafplio Artiva 6th International Choral Festival

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