Vouleftiko - Events commemorating the 1940 epic, 27 & 28 October 2022

Έπος 1940, War 1940 in Greece

Two excellent musical events are organized and proposed to us by the Municipality of Nafplion at the Old Parliament of Nafplio (the Vouleftiko), on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th of October 2022, to honor the epic of the 1940s in Greece, which was written in blood, but also in golden letters in this country. These are:


Thursday, October 27th 2022 - Vouleftiko at 19:00
Concert "Go forth, Children of Greece", dedicated to the epic of the 1940s and the songs of the unforgettable singer of Victory, Mrs. Sofia Vembo, who made history.
During the concert audio-visual material is used, with documents of the time for the presentation of the songs, which constitute in their entirety the historical overview of the events of the war, from its declaration to its end. In particular, unforgettable hits by Michalis Souyoul, Theofrastos Sakellaridis, but also by the younger composers Marios Tokas, Loukianos Kilaidonis, Manos Loizou, etc., will be performed, on the theme of the gloomy years of the German occupation of Greece.
The audience will sing along with the artists the paean "Children, oh children of Greece", "Koroido Mussolini", Duce, the Second Lieutenant from the play "Albania" of Katsaros-Pythagoras, the Little Hero, the "Courage, my Greece" and other classic, timeless songs.
The artistic supervision of the concert and the interpretation of the songs are signed by the singers Spyros & Makis Karaviotis and the distinguished musicians, who constitute their nice orchestra.


Friday, October 28th 2022 (National Holiday)Vouleftiko at 19:30.
The musical group "Byzantine and traditional Echoes" under the teaching and direction of Mr. Konstantinos Routoulas, present a program that includes Byzantine hymns in honor of the Virgin Mary, coming from the liturgy of the Holy Shelter (which is sung on October 28th, by decision of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece), as well as traditional songs about the Greek nation's newest struggles and the epic 1940s, but also contemporary popular songs and marches.

Σοφία Βέμπο, Sophia Vembo Greek singer
Σοφία Βέμπο με στρατιώτες, Sophia Vembo singer among Greek soldiers

Did you know that?
The 8th Regiment left Nafplio on November 3rd 1940 for the war front. It ranked 700 officers and non-commissioned officers, 3,171 soldiers and 959 animals ordered to the Argolis. Mainly from its soldiers, important testimonies about the hardships, the battles, but also excellent descriptions of high symbolic importance, were saved. Hiking hundreds of kilometers was the order of the day and the wild winter was an even worse enemy than the Italians, who first attacked the Greek-Albanian borders.
Mr. G. Nanopoulos (served in the Model Regiment of Evzones Makrygiannis - Athens), was presented in the 8th Regiment of Nafplio and fought in the central sector of the front. He is today the only surviving fighter in Argolis.
Nafplio was invaded by the Germans in the afternoon of April 28th 1941. The occupation of Nafplio by the German army lasted until the end of the war, approximately 1200 days.
In the War Museum of Nafplio, in a specially designed room, there are the names of the Nafplians, who fell heroically during the Greco-Italian war, as well as the time and the place they died.

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