The European Night of Museums in Nafplio

On Saturday, May 18th 2019, the museums and art galleries of the city celebrate the European Night of Museums!

The great celebration of the museums in May has become an institution for the city of Nafplio, which turns the city into a large museum! All art museums and art galleries open their doors from 21:00 to 24:00, with free admission and welcome you with live music and a glass of wine, in a spring night different from any other ...

Museums participating:
Archaeological Museum, Municipal Art Gallery (Vouleftiko, Ground Floor), National Gallery and Museum of Alexandros Soutsos, Nafplio Branch, "Alpha Bank" Exhibition Center, Museum of Childhood "Stathmos", Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation - Vasilios Papantoniou Museum, Fougaro, in co-organization with the Municipality of Nafplio and Europe Direct.


Museum of Childhood "Stathmos" 
Students of the Municipal Conservatory of Nafplio will gather at the Museum of Childhood at 7:00 pm, to board the city's fun-trains, that will take them to all the cultural venues, where they will announce the opening of the European "Night of Museums" in Nafplio.

Alpha Bank Cultural Center
The Alpha Bank Exhibition Cultural Center in Nafplio will participate for the tenth consecutive year at the "Night of Museums". 
During this year's event, the young music composer Katerina Polemi will present the show "Agapi, Love, Amor". Accompanied by the violinist Vangelis Tountas, Mrs. Katerina Polemi will perform a selection of Greek songs, of well-known foreign songs, as well as her own songs, having Love as a common reference point, that represents her artistic career so far.
The show will take place from 21:00 to 22:00 on the pedestrian road outside the Cultural Center.

Archaeological Museum 
It will be open to the public with free admission.

Municipal Gallery - Vouleftiko
It will be open to the public with free admission.
The Night of Museums in the Municipal Art Gallery of Nafplio, presents nine contemporary artists with a common reference point the city of Nafplio.
Exhibiting Artists: Vangelis Zervopoulos, Lotoff, Kyriakos Makris, Magda Mara, Nikos Marinis, Marina Bombou, Ariadni Balala, Dimitris Papachristos.

National Gallery - Annex of Nafplio
"Music tour" through cinema.
The guitar and string ensembles of the Music School of Argolis will present favorite musical pieces from the cinema, in the courtyard of the National Gallery, at 20:30. Supervising professors: Katsaros Vasilis, Tetoros Michalis and Kagaras Ourania.

War Museum 
The War Museum -Nafplio Branch will host in its courtyard at 21:00 the Military Music of DIKE IV Infantry Division (of Tripoli), which will perform artistic mainstream, light and jazz music pieces.
Visitors will have the opportunity to follow a guided tour of the permanent exhibition by the Museum's staff and enjoy live music, with a small treat.

Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation - ''Vasileios Papantoniou'' 
The Foundation will host in the courtyard of the Folklore Museum the band "Hellenic Double", which will entertain us with favorite songs from the artistic and rock Greek and foreign music stage. The band consists of: Giorgos Zamanis (voice), Dimitris Totsikas (guitar, voice), Vassiliki Boulmeti (accordion).

On the occasion of the "Night of Museums", the "Library" will be open until 12 at night! With a glass of wine and jazz standard sounds from the Jumibow Groove Trio we get to know the "Library" and its hidden treasures!
At the library's tables one will find all the latest editions of contemporary art magazines and the screen will guide us to the largest museums abroad.

Ευρωπαϊκή νύκτα των Μουσείων, The European Night of Museums in Nafplio

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