Easter 2014 in Nafplio

Nafplio is a destination, you do not need an excuse to visit, any time of year. If you are looking for a place to reveal the tradition of Greek Easter, Nafplio is the perfect choice.

Check in please...
The city is full of accommodation options to suit in every taste and wallet. If you want to stay in the center of the old town, in an environment of affordable luxury suites, Kastello Hotel  is the best choice. Four new suites and full breakfast waiting for you, at Trion Navarchon Sqare. Konstantinos will hepl you decide which suite is perfect for you. Do not forget to book your room on time!
For family and couples, check in at one of the rooms of  Latini family hotel , a restored house of the owner's grandfather - Captain Vangelis- at Filellinon Square near the sea. Throughout the hotel, you will find artworks and small carvings, inspired by the sea and life.
Then again, if you want a simple, decent, budget room, but you also enjoy rooms with view, Elena hotel ,in the main street of Sidiras Merarchias, is the perfect choice. Very good breakfast and friendly service. Do not forget to ask for a front room, in oredr to enjoy a spectacular view of the Palamidi.

Time for lunch
Authentic Italian cuisine in modern Popeye raw materials, to travel directly from Italy: pasta, tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham arrive in the hands of the famous chef Elias Kokoris and converted into the best pizza you have ever eat, thin dough with authentic mozzarella!
For fresh fish, lobster with pasta and all the delights of the sea Savouras is you place. A really pleasant environment with special service.
And of course, souvlaki! Trendy Grill, the best souvlaki store in Nafplio, which continues the tradition of the authentic greek souvlaki.

Coffee, drink and relaxing
The weather provided ideal for wonder and coffee on the waterfront, overlooking Bourtzi but also peratzada.
At Ilostasio Cafe, sit at tables outside, order a coffee and crepe, while you relax. At Kontogiorgos café sit in the modern sofas, ask for a special fresh juice, defenetly drink cappuccino with whipped cream (a 40 years secret recipe) and enjoy a waffle!For younger ages or for those who loves modern, alternative hangouts, go to Circulo Co. Sit outside in the pedestrian of King Constantinos Str or inside, or choose a lovely corner near the library inside. You will also have the opportunity to admire a special exhibition of painting on plexiglass by  Eirini Gkogkoua.
At Sokaki Cafe, in the same pedestrian, inspired by pop kitch decor by the designer George Asimakopoulos, sit outside for coffee, or try beers in the inside. Ask for cocktails and don't forget to taste the ekmek: is delicious!

Time for Sweetes
And of course you can eat ice cream in Nafplion, tradition is like the place anymore. Your destination for ice-cream is Pagotomania [15]: made from fresh milk and cream in about 30 different flavors! If you're lucky, you might see the owners manufacturing the ice cream, a process that you can watch and enjoy.

The perfect gift ...for you!
Before leaving from Nafplio, you must take a souvenir. The shops of the city are famous about there special design!
From the Komboloi Museum [16] (in Staikopoulou Str) you will get a rosary for yourself, or for someone you love. You would choose materials such as amber, coral, crystals, bones and more. Upstairs, visit the Komboloi museum where you can see the history of chaplet, in the course of time.
In Roi[17] (at King Constantinos Str), you will find unique handmade purses, costume jewelry, you will be thrilled by the brand new bags, while you buy your first pair of handmade sandals for summer.
At Agnithes [18] in the Old City, you will find woven accessories made on the loom but with modern aesthetic, artwork and handmade creations of Greek designers and manufacturers (shawls, scarves, neckties) while you will see an authentic loom!
Passing through the crowded "Big Street" make a stop in Laineli: a neat store temptation, filled with gifts for all ages. Whetever you buy will always remind you of your memorable Easter vacation in Nafplio.