Nafplio - Theofilos Hadjimihael: his life as a fairytale, June 8th 2019

As part of the exhibition "The painter Theofilos - The works create their environment", which hosts the Alpha Bank Exhibition & Cultural Center (Emmanuel Dalamaga & 4, Koletti street) in Nafplio, on Saturday, June 8th 2019 the narrator Kalliopi Liadi will present the narrative section "Theofilos Hadjimihael: his life as a fairytale".
It concerns the life of the popular painter Theofilos narrated "as a fairy tale", which is based on real events recorded by his scholars and biographers.

Our folk painter becomes the protagonist of an original fairy tale and the children will hear about his childhood in Mytilene, will travel with him to Smyrna, to Athens and Volos, they will learn about the difficulties he has encountered, his adventures and of his personal shelter: painting and stories.

In parallel with the narrative event, there will be a projection of images and viewers will observe his works and discover his favorite theme; they will also hear stories and traditional songs that emerge from his paintings.
The narrative event also includes a folk fairy-tale from the coast of Asia Minor.

Starting time
18:30 - Duration 50 minutes

Free - A reservation is required

Location Info - Reservations
Alpha Bank Cultural Center
4, Koletti and Emmanuel Dalamagka Streets, Nafplio
T: +30 2752 0 96234

Did you know that?
The narrator, Mrs. Liadi herself, is singing the traditional songs framing this narrative event.
The event is addressed to children aged 7 to 10 and also to adults.
The narrator Mrs. Kalliopi Liadi was born and raised in Athens and comes from Chios. She studied painting at Brooklyn College (CUNY) in New York and has tried many different ways in the field of creative expression. Important stops in her career were her moving back to Chios and the creation of the Cultural Action "Kalliopi Arts Hall". In the recent years, she has entered the world of narrative art, which she is now exploring, creating now pictures with the spoken word.

Θεόφιλος λαϊκός ζωγράφος, Theofilos popular painter

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