Agios Nikolaοs - Kondili Beach

"Kondili" beach is probably the most famous, rather crowded beach of the area. Beach bars, music, drinks, beautiful sea will offer an adventure to your holidays.

A beach that you have to visit
The locals will send you for a swim in Agios Nikolaos beach. The road signs you will find on your way, write "Kondili beach". A sure thing is, that the double-named beach is one of the best beaches in the wider area. 
As you drive along the coastal road to Vivari (with its awesome fish taverns) you will see Kondili just opposite. Keep going straight. When you see the sign Kondili, turn right. Going down to the swirling and narrow road to the beach, the view from above will make you lift your smart phone and keep taking pictures. 

You can say that this beach is perfect for everyone: for families with children, for couples in love, for singles, for groups of friends! The beach is awarded with a Blue Flag (a flag that indicates that the water is very clean). Four beach bars, water sports and a lot of empty space for those who want their privacy. This is certainly a beach for everyone.

Did you know that?
On the left side of the beach, notice the small chapel of St. Nickolas (Agios Nikolaos).

Agios Nikolaos beach, kondyli, παραλία, Κονδύλι
Agios Nikolaos beach, kondyli, παραλία, Κονδύλι

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