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10, Sofroni Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
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We were introduced with Mediterraneo when it first opened in July 2013, as the only delicatessen-grocery store in Nafplio. He said, "Nice to meet you" and I replied "Me even more!”. Now that it became a Wine & Deli store, it's time to introduce ourselves once more. To fill up our glasses and to let the wine flow spreading delight to our hearts.
I have always considered it not just one of the finest parts of the city, but something more: a place that travels you. Its decoration, its delicacies, its aura were offering me a ticket to Spain and Italy, but also to my favorite places in Greece.
This time, after I slowly crossed the picturesque alley of Sofroni wanting to hold my every step inside my mind, I entered the door and a surprise hit me... Can one of my favorite places get even better? Yes it can!

Atmosphere that relaxes you
While Dimitri –the man in charge of the store- was cutting sausages behind the delicatessen showcase serving some customers, I began to photograph around; Its new refurbished space, the shelves filled with bottles of wine, idyllically illuminated, the tall coffee tables and stools ready to welcome the wine-experts and wine-lovers, so much good taste!
My favorite spot is the big table with the tall armchairs around it dressed in green velvet, right in front of the wall with the illuminated shelves. There we sat with Dimitris, whom I urged to choose the wine I would taste for me and the variety that would accompany it. When you do not know what to order, the best solution is always to be left to specialists.

The journey is here
I was not wrong. My Sauvignon Blanc was full of aromas of citrus and fruit, cool, with a special finesse. I unconsciously closed my eyes, and by my first sip, there I was in the countryside, surrounded by happiness! Once again, Mediterraneo managed to travel me. I opened my eyes and returned from Amyntaio, Florina, excited and full.

More of Greece
I finally think that Mediterraneo, having retained its Mediterranean identity, has now enclosed more of Greece - with its beauties, its vineyards, its excellent wines, its producers and their passion. More of Greece for us that we live in the country, but we do not enjoy it as much as Greece and we deserve.
More of Greece also for foreign tourists, who want to go a little farther from the monuments, the sun and the sea. They would want to plunge into it, to take some back with them, to return to their country, to open a bottle of wine and fill their essence with its tastes and aromas.

Message closed in bottle
"Is wine tourism one of our strongest cards?" I am wondering sitting here, at this spot of the map called Argolida. Yes, absolutely!
"Does the culture of the Greeks change?"  If you consider that Mediterraneo is filled with friends, couples and even families coming here to enjoy a tasteful delicatessen variety and a glass of wine, then yes, our culture is changing. We are clearly more demanding now in what we get served. We no longer look for the quantity but the real quality –I am thinking, enjoying a bite of a smoked fillet of sea bass.
"Do the flavors have to accompany the wine?" I, the ignorant, ask the expert, to immediately get the answer: "The tastes should highlight the wine, not just accompany it".
An entire philosophy of life, a charming science is finally the wine, and how lucky are those who are dealing with it! When you change identity, you always take a risk. You dare to get introduced back to the people that love you. Not that I expected something less from the far-sighted and restless owners Sakis and Christos Mitsakos, but in their case, the risk has succeeded. And now love was transformed into worship.
I raise my glass and make a toast: "Life is too short to be deprived of its small, everyday pleasures. Cheers!".

Did you know that?
Here you can enjoy your wine with your friends tasting a delicatessen variety with 20-25 euros.
Between the wine labels, the 90% are Greek (from Nemea, Santorini, Florina and other places), while the wine cellar is constantly renewed. If you are ignorant, like me, ask for the help of Dimitris or Katerina.
Choose tasteful delicacies to take home, such as chorizo and ham, local gruyere, Greek and Italian sausages, as well as Italian packed pasta.
A different proposal is the seafood delicacies, such as sea bass and smoked eel.
The “Karamanlidikos pastourma” from Drama, which ideally accompanies tsipouro and ouzo, is the number one choice of foreign tourists.
I would suggest that you come here to celebrate an anniversary by opening a “Malagouzia” or a premium bottle that you will share with your beloved one.
When the weather is nice, you can sit at the tables outside, in Sofroni str.
Mediterraneo opens at 12 noon and closes at 11 pm in winter time and at midnight during the summer. Or... as long as the night goes on…

All the year

Open Hours
Monday to Sunday: 12:30 - 24:00

10, Sofroni Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 97704

Mediterraneo Wine & Deli

Σοφρώνη 10, Τ.Κ. 211 00, Ναύπλιο (Παλιά πόλη)