Nafplio's lighthouse

Walking to the end of Akti Miaouli, you will come accross Nafplio's lighthouse. There's no way not to notice it. It is one of the favorite places in the city and perhaps the busiest in the summer months.

Shall we go to Faros?
Here you will find coolness on the hot summer nights, here you will take a walk with a view of not only the city and Akronafplia fortress, but also the much photographed Bourtzi fortress, here you will meet acquaintances and friends, since it is an established, popular walk for everyone. You can rest in the long terrace separating the newly reconstructed pier of the sea. In the summer it is very likely that you will bump into a theatrical performance or an open concert, since the space is ideal for such events. And when you reach the lighthouse, sit in the back, directly looking at Bourtzi and let your thoughts drift away...

Its construction
The lighthouse is a classic metal construction. The height of the tower is 6.5 meters and the height of focal plane is 10 meters. Its role is important, since along with the small, floating lighthouse just a few meters opposite, they delimit the safe entrance of the sailing boats in the port of the city.

Did you know that?
The lighthouse is an ideal place for fishing. Many are the ones who spend their morning fishing by the rocks.
This is the closest point of the city, where you can see the Bourtzi.

Faros, Nafplio, Lighthouse, Ναύπλιο

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