Ancient Asini - Kastraki

Assini is not famous only for it’s delicious mandarins. Once you visit it you will be impressed by it’s history and archaeological monuments. Let’s explore some of them.

The big village called Tzeferaga
Assini is just a few kilometers away from Nafplio (10 km) near the tourist Tolo and close to Drepano. During the ottoman period the village was called "Tzeferaga" by Tzeffers Aga, who was the commander of the region. In 1902 renamed in Assini, from ancient name of Assini, ruins of which, are preserved on the beach Kastraki (or Paliokastro just before Tolo). You can also see the Acropolis of Assini.

From the zenith to nadir
In the Mycenaean era Assini was a great town and it was the  grand port of Mycenae. 700 BC was  plundered by the Argious who the only that they left behind was the temple of Apollo Pythaea. After that the residents of Assini left their land and became settlers in Messinia.

Once upon a time there was Assini
The excavations of the Swedes, by the King Gustav in 1922, have highlighted the myth of Assini. Homer mentioned Assini it in the Iliad epic as people of Assini along with their king had taken part in the Trojan war.
In Barbunas hill you can see the famous caves where they say that it was hidden the king of Assini, when the enemies chased him. It is said that as the soldiers were looking for him, an officer watching prevented one soldier to look for him in the caves assumming thet if the king went to that way the webs of the spiders would have gone. So the spiders saved the king!

Our famous poet Giorgos Seferis refered to Assini in his poem "The King of Assini". I quote some lyrics?


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