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Gallery by Nena

Κοκκίνου 8, Ναύπλιο Τ.Κ. 211 00 (Παλιά πόλη)
+30 2752 303443 & +30 694 6765726

In the picturesque alleys of Nafplio, where your walks never end, among the bougainvillea flowers, the special buildings, the beautiful balconies and the old doors with the knockers, with...


Sokaki Deli

52, Argous & Charilaou Trikoupi str., Nafplio Argolis, GR 211 00
+30 27520 47135

Passport for familiar destinations is the food, familiar but also unexplored, still mostly uncharted, and the Sokaki Deli seems to be the crossroad to the enjoyable routes of tastes... ...


Athena gallery

15, Emanuel Sofroni str., Nafplio (old town) GR. 211 00
+30 27520 23329

I was always particularly fond of the picturesque alley of Emmanuel Sofroni... However, since June 2020, when a special and impressive gallery, the Athena Gallery, opened at number 15, I ...