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Βασ. Όλγας 23, Ναύπλιο, παλιά πόλη
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At Poppy's, the modern woman finds her best self and puts the true finesse in her everyday life!
Clothes and accessories transform her into a modern celebrity, with incomparable style and quality at the best prices!

One of the things I enjoy in Nafplio, besides strolling in the picturesque alleys, is shopping in distinguished boutiques, like "Poppy's". This small, but full of distinctive clothing, shoes and accessories boutique, is located in the narrow street of Vassilissis Olgas, very close to Philellinon Square and the central Syntagma Square.

The truth is that passing by, the first thing that impressed me was the sign, with the logo and the delicate poppy -the flower, but also the lady-owner's first name. So many of my friends had spoken to me about this diamond-like boutique, that I decided to see for myself and why they so much insist on suggesting it to me.
Before entering the purple door, I stood outside to just gaze at the two well-dressed dolls, the windows and the show-case with handbags and shoes. I laughed with the quote that says: "Your husband called. He said to buy anything you want" and thought that the owner disposes not only a good taste, but also a nice sense of humor.

The girlfriend we'd all love to have
And yes, Poppy, who owns the homonymous boutique, is the right person in the right place. Well dressed as if she came out of an Instagram account, but not with a sophisticated look, she wears clothes that do not wear her, as her personality emits an air of self-confidence and certainty.
I notice her as she serves a customer, the way she proposes combinations and new pieces, and I think that selling flows in her veins. With lots of experience in the retail sector, Poppy is not here to promote or impose her point of view, but to make a friendly suggestion, offer her styling tips, make every woman entering the boutique to feel comfortable, but also certain to find the piece that highlights her temperament. Each woman is unique and Poppy knows it well.

You go for a piece and you just want them all!
Gazing at the gorgeous maxi dresses, the stylish trousers, the tops and shirts, the swimwear, the leather sandals, the minimal bags and the special necklaces and earrings, I admit to myself that this is the first time I come into a store and want to buy everything! And believe me, I am very selective.
Poppy explains that she does not bring many pieces, but few and well chosen and that the merchandise is continuously renewed, which makes you come again and again in the boutique. What impresses me more is that she chooses to cooperate with Greek companies. You definitely need experience and knowledge of the subject and of the market to locate and select the top pieces from each company. Why really, they're all one by one!
She passionately speaks about "green" handmade handbags, the designers she's working with across Greece, about her contact with the people, which she seems so much to enjoy.
As she suggests to a customer a fancy dress with dots, as an ideal top for a pair of jeans with rips, it's like watching two women in front of a home closet to try clothes and laugh. And that's Poppy's goal: to make every woman feel at home, and that Poppy is her best friend, who will reassure her that what she wears makes her seem unpretentiously elegant. That is why the same customer, that I now watch buying a striped shirt dress, will come back after a few days to choose a chic pair of sandals, an ethereal shirt for the beach or a designer necklace to offer as valuable gift to a girlfriend or to herself.
What did I choose? I will not tell you that. I will tell you, however, that when I wore it, there wasn't a single woman who did not say to me: "Wonderful! Where did you get it?". Of course, I shared my secret with all of them: at Poppy's!

Did you know that?
For a special occasion, but also for a gift that will make an impression, do not hesitate to ask for Poppy's help.
The boutique works with designers, such as Elena Athanassiou, who makes handmade bags of recycled leather and Elli Lyrarakis, who creates distinguished earrings.

Operating period
All year

Opening hours
Summer (May to September): Monday to Friday 10:30-14:30 and 17:30-22:00, Saturday 10:00-22:00, Sunday 11:30-22:00
Winter (October to April): Monday to Friday 10:30-14:00 and 17:00-21:00 (Closed Monday and Wednesday afternoon). Saturday and Sunday 11:00-18:00

Βασ. Όλγας 23, Ναύπλιο, παλιά πόλη
T. +30 2752 401776

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