Despo, art clothing

11, Vas. Olgas & 11 Siokou str., Nafplio old town
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The most distinctive women's clothing shop in Nafplio old town, with unique clothing and accessories... all works of art!
Quality fabrics, clothes, pashminas, handbags and hats, all hand-painted by Despo. Each one a small surprise!...

In Nafplio old town, at the corner of Siokou and Vas. Olgas streets, strolling on a springtime afternoon I met a lady, who using her art and the nicest colors, makes fabrics "come alive"...
"Good morning," Despina said, with a genuine smile on her face and confidence in the voice. Her shop is small but tasteful, full of her creations: dresses, shirts, T-shirts, jeans trousers, shorts and jackets, special bags and particular hats. Everything painted by her delicate hands, all brought to life from her imagination and her creative talent, with kittens, dogs, horses, peacocks, flowers, butterflies, ethereal ballerinas and female forms coming from fairy tales. Color, color everywhere and each piece so unique, as you will never find anywhere else!

Her entire world... a painting
Despina ("Despo"), is offering me a cup of coffee and explaining to me that she always used to paint. As far as she remembers herself, she dips the painter's brushes in the pallets and creates. She was creating unique hand-painted clothes and made her friends -to whom she offered them- so happy! Seeing the response that her handmade creations enjoyed, she decided to sell them. So, when she retired and left the accountancy office of the technical company, where she worked for years, she made another decision: to leave Athens, to settle in Nafplio, that she so loved, and to open a shop there to sell her painted hats and clothes. Somehow like that, since the end of May 2018, she has officially made her hobby a profession, as she says...

As she speaks to me, I cannot stop staring at the bags and the hats exhibited on the center table with the glass surface and the driftwood. I wear a hat painted with three girlfriends, who gaze at the sea and look at my reflection in the large mirror in the background. I dream of faraway beaches and sunsets and cool cocktails by the sea, which feels as -right this instant- is "touching" my bare feet.
Despina's creations "spoke to me" from the very first minute. And now that I've met her, each of these will never stop whispering to everyone its story, the one that she had in her mind, when she gave them life with her painter's brushes.

Did you know that?
The clothes that Despina chooses to paint are of cotton, linen, first quality clothes that stay in the women's wardrobe forever, and the colors she uses are indelible and remain viable over time.
Here you will also find unpainted clothes, that you can combine with Despina's painted ones, to create an elegant set.
If you are looking for a special gift, here you will definitely find a piece, that will "steal the heart" of whomever you offer it to.
The store will be closed for a winter break, from October 29th 2019 to February 27th 2020!

11, Vas. Olgas & 11 Siokou str., Nafplio old town
+30 2752 300704, +30 694 1421308

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