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12, Profiti Ilia str., 211 00 Nafplio
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Do you happen to be with your friends in Nafplio and your appetite demands Greek traditional food and lamb? No need to drive to the villages around to find them. Stavlos has it all!
In the early winter of 2014-15 opened at Profitis Ilias Str., a traditional Greek tavern, for those who know how to appreciate the good meat, a place that did not exist in the city of Nafplio and became immediately a hangout.

They moved the village to the city and brought the city to the village!
The building that hosts Stavlos, turns you back in time and gives you that homely feel of the village, although you are in town. A rectangular two-stores stone building with yellow shutters and it’s balcony of the top floor... Fotini, the owner of Stavlos, welcomes you along with her husband Nick, who made their vision become a reality. The decorator Helen Vlachos managed to combine the familiarity and simplicity with the modern mood. The presence of stone in the floor and walls and the wooden ceiling dominate. Tables covered with tablecloths in various colors, leaving the light blue color and some scattered red and yellow chairs waiting to get filled. Above them elegant lamps, a colander and a teapot in the role of lighting! The big kitchen furniture, special order from the carpenter, looks like the ones our grandmothers had in the village. The fireplace, that could not miss from the tavern, is dressed in colorful traditional tiles. Just beyond, some shelves on the wall host old kitchen equipment, a liqueur decanter and the glasses, a glass bowl full of "loukoumakia" (traditional greek  sweet) that you can "steal" with no fear and jars with spices.

Something good is cooking!
The owners sit for a while with me and explain their vision: to create a place mainly for locals, but also for tourists, to eat as they would in a village tavern outside Nafplio. The meat is, of course, local from the mountainous Argolida and Arcadia and selected one animal by one. Here you will find ewe ribs and lamb chops on the grill, "kokoretsi", "kontosouvli" or even kontosouvli from ewe- rarely found in Peloponnese- and meats, such as handmade burgers, pork chops, kebabs , chicken steak and cutlet. The nice thing is, that the chops are served in baking paper and customers are encouraged to eat them as they probably would: using their bare hands!

Handmade and organic
You will enjoy your meat along with its necessary "friends" -all handmade from local raw materials: Tzatziki with sheep yogurt and the correct dosage in garlic, "tyrokafteri" with genuine goat cheese, hand cut potatoes and three kinds of salads (rustic, cabbage lettuce). Bread will come hot, grilled with origan and olive oil, while the wine at the table is ordered: of local producers only, of the following varieties: "Agiorgitiko" from Nemea rose and brusque, white "Roditis" and "Moschofilero" from Tripoli, while "raki" is excellent - noted, all organic!
And while you are having your dinner, you will listen to old popular hits with Dimitris Mitropanos, Akis Panos, Gavalas.  Fotini and Nick will keep you the best of company, smiley and friendly and always ready to please you!

Did you know that?
"Stavlos" was initially selected -and still is- among the 100 best restaurants and bars in 2016 (see relevant article in website)! He has also won the Bronze Award in the category of Grill of the Estia Awards 2017, held in December 2016 in "Gazarte" in Athens, managed to stand out among many companies in food and dining from all over Greece. Finally, through the institution of the Best Greek Food Awards (BGFA), took another significant award for the year 2019!
The name "Stavlos" was not given randomly! "Stavlos" in Greek means stable and that was the first use of the ground floor building. If you notice, in some places on the wall the metal rings used to tie the animals still exist!
From the Spring to the fall, you can enjoy your food in the back yard surrounded by trees, that please your heart and you feel... like being in your village!

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12, Profiti Ilia str., 211 00 Nafplio
+30 2752 306702


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