From 12 €
Plaka Beach, Drepano village, 21060, Municipality of Nafplio
+30 27520 92372
From 12 €

In a verdurous estate of 6,5 acres (9 strema) among “almyriki” trees, pines, mulberry trees and poplar-trees, expands the "Gefryraki" tavern; an incredible traditional tavern, right on the wonderful beach of Plaka, in Drepano village. A place to forget yourself, to “sink” in the Greek summer for good, to leave your children enjoy playing, to taste the most delicious seafood, but also the Greek cuisine.  I there meet Konstantina, Giannis and their sweet children and I immediately decide it to be the hangout of my holidays this summer!

Memories of the sea
I sit at a table nearby, to have the sea beside me, I feel the breeze and I listen to Konstantina telling me about the history of the taverna, while John mends something in the back, as usual. The couple may have taken over the tavern 18 years ago, but the place counts 46 years of life already. It was then, when Giannis's father welcomed his clients and friends here and his wife was cooking her delicacies in the kitchen. Amazing how many friends have gone by, how many celebrations took place! ...

The Greek cuisine at its best
What has changed since then, except from the time that has gone by? Today's owners are full of appetite and mood for new things, but some others remain steadily. In here you will taste meals, just like the ones cooked by Konstantina’s mother in law in the old times; the perfect burger of minced 100% beef meat, the boiled octopus served with vinegar sauce, her hand-made “tzatziki”. Recipes kept as an amulet by Konstantina, adding others of her own, made with her own hands, such as “tyrokafteri” (spicy cheese-cream salad), the stuffed “flogeres” (flutes), Florina peppers stuffed with feta cheese, the zucchini meatballs, her eggplant salad.
Here you will really enjoy fish and meat, but mostly you will taste the freshness. "Everything is fresh!" Says Konstantina. Their own yarn from the garden, as well as aubergines and courgettes, fresh eggs from their chickens, the potatoes are also fresh -and at times their own, grown from the garden- and as they all say, "the most delicious potato we ‘ve ever eaten!”. You are right beside the sea, you wait to taste a fresh fish and it soon comes to you. Want maybe a squid, do you desire cuttlefish or shrimp? They are totally fresh as well. Does your appetite ask for a shrimp pasta? They will prepare it for you the same moment! The owners treat the customer with total care, so customers are rewarding their love and they eventually become friends.

Mom, can I go play?
Your table will be filled with delicacies and you will not know where to look first! At the dishes, at the green surrounding, at the sea? The one thing you will not worry about, it will be your children. They will play hide and seek behind the trees, or they will run around and swing on the cradles nearby. Those of us who have children, we know how important it is to find a place for them to play, to have fun running and to enjoy themselves, while we still want to drink our wine and talk some more with our friends. Perhaps the kids will come back to the table next to us, when it comes to the dessert, the famous “trunk” sweet of Konstantina, the delicious fruits or yoghurt with traditional homemade Greek sweets on top.

Not even a glimpse at your watch
Here, time does not push you. He does not tell you "hurry up, eat and leave." Time is generously granted to you.
In the summer, you will come at “Gefyraki” early, in order to gain all your day. You will enjoy your coffee and breakfast sitting on the canapés of the open-air café with the lovely sea view, comfortable and relaxed, then you will go down to the beach for a swim, later on you will move to the tavern to eat your delicious food, and continue in the afternoon with one more coffee. Even later in the evening, even if the moon is already brightening the sky and paints the sea with a silver color, you will refuse to leave such a beautiful place, with such hospitable, smiling people.
I get up, I step on the pebble, I throw a last glance at the sea ... time to get back to the city, with a small knot in the heart, but also a promise. From now on, I will learn to enjoy the moments, nature, friends. Thank you, Gefyraki!

Did you know that?
“Gefyraki” is the ideal place to host the party or the reception of your wedding or your child’s christening party. Konstantina can help you to decorate the area as you have imagined, who has studied agronomist and garden architecture.
In the baptism of your child, but also in the children's party, which you can easily host here, the entertainment of children by a pedagogue will be offered to you as a gift!
Breakfast includes coffee, juice, toast, rusks, butter, honey, jam, and apart from tasty, it is also very economical.
From May 1st to September 15th , Gefyraki remains open daily. Easter is always open and –following the tradition- serves lamb cooked on the roasting-spit!

Operating period
May to September

Working hours
The tavern, from Monday to Sunday 11:00 - 00:00
The Coffee-Bar opens at 10:00

Indicative price
12 € per person (without the drinks)

Plaka Beach, Drepano village, 21060, Municipality of Nafplio
+30 27520 92372

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