Birbos Tavern

From 10 €
Panariti village, Nafplio (Central square)
Τ. +30 27520 44571, 6942 630903
From 10 €

In the cute "Panariti" village, just 10 km. away from Nafplio, a small, but famous among the locals tavern, a small "gem" with quality food is located just behind the Church, on the main Square.

The old and new in the best possible match!
The young owner Panagiotis Christopoulos, with a clear vision and the most straight forward attitude, managed to combine the old element with the new and to offer a traditional "taverna" the utmost food quality, even to the most old-fashioned country dishes! He clearly respects his job and his clients!
Not only the food quality is outstanding, but also the tavern's environment is nice and clean; a clear, tidy environment with relaxing decoration and its big fireplace offering warmth in the winter, that makes you feel right at home, nice and cozy, intimate and friendly. Very often, at least once a week, local musicians grab the guitar and bouzouki hanging from the wall, the place fills with traditional Greek sounds and everybody joins into a nice big company of friends singing and dancing! So big, as the well dressed tables inside can accommodate up to 60 people and they are quite always full!

What shall we order?
Panagiotis very well knows how important the quality is in raw materials, so he cares to have always the best in his tavern: meat from the area, vegetables from the village, cheeses from local dairies. On one hand, this ensures good quality; on the other hand it supports the local economy, a cycle that does not close and benefits everybody.
The menu is specific: grilled meat, salads and appetizers offered localy. You will definitely try the ewe (even if you have a negative opinion, here you will definitely love it), milk lamb, pancetta, but also the handmade beef burger, made by Mrs. Ioanna, mother of Panagiotis, as well as salads, tzatziki and her own spicy cheese salad. Mom's experience in the kitchen combines perfectly with the baking ability of the cook, while Panayiotis has taken care of the service, having a direct contact with the tavern's customers.

Full of friends every night!
On any day you visit, you will notice in the tables beside you all the ages, locals from the nearby villages, from Nafplio, Argos, as well as frequent customers, who come here once a week. "They are honoring you with their presence, so you are rewarding them": This is the philosophy of Panagiotis, which will treat you with wine from "Gymno" and "Malandreni" village, because he believes that in the tavern you do not just come to ease your hunger, but mostly have a nice time.
In the summertime, when tables are moved in the backyard, under the starry sky, with the sounds of authentic folk songs, your delicious food, your wine and among dear friends, you will think of nothing else but how beautiful life is!

Did you know that?
On a Saturday evening, better make sure to have reserved your table first.
Prices are really good, but the portions are big and fulfilling, so do not overdo it with your order.
In the summer try the "Gkiosa", the traditional local dish.
You may also happen to come across a spontaneous live musical performance, as locals who play music grab the instruments hanging from the wall and the party begins!
The tavern is open Monday to Saturday from 6pm. in the winter, while Sundays is closed. In the summer, the fire is put on at 19:00.

Panariti village, Nafplio (Central square)
Τ. +30 27520 44571, 6942 630903

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