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43, Mpoumpoulinas Str, 211 00 Nafplio (Port)
+30 27520 27300

"Messali" is a modern bakery-pastry shop that offers you -except from Greek traditional bread and snacks- delicious sweets and really good coffee. You will find it on the Bouboulinas coastal road in Nafplio port. It very quickly became a daily habit and a meeting place of those who love fresh bread, delicious pastries and good coffee.

Coffee addiction...
Indeed, when you drink such good coffee, you get addicted. I don't really know what its secret is; the particular coffee blend or the fact that they use bottled water to make it. Whatever it is, I most enjoy it!

Delicious snacks all day long
Everything you eat here is handmade from pure, organic ingredients; like milk and dairies from the mountainous Peloponnese, fresh eggs and almost no sugar sweets! I taste the Messali bread with yeast, rustic, just like our grandmother would make in the village, perfect! I look at the showcase with the sandwiches and try to keep myself not tasting them all: sandwiches, baguettes, multigrain sandwich, rustic, with yeast, organic black or ciabatta but also brioches, cheese pies, Greek "kasseri" cheese pies, sausage pies, sausages, savory bites, small pizzas, donuts, muffins...
Are you waking up early and getting ready for an excursion to a nearby archaeological site or for a swim in Karathona beach? What better than to take with you a cheese bread or an olive bread, or if you prefer sweet tastes a chocolate bun or a fresh donut? For those who prefer a simple breakfast why not choose the traditional handmade bread-sticks: with olive, spinach, unsweetened (for those on a diet), with corn and with cheese. Well, you came to Messali, won't you get some rusks for the house?
With seven seeds, with anise, chocolate, raisins and walnut cookies, with white chocolate, with almond and of local recipe. Or a few cookies for the afternoon coffee? You will surely get!

Sweet temptations
Often at night you feel overwhelming need for something sweet. Here you will find sweets made from pure ingredients and a light flavor. Try a spoonful of the "rainbow", a cake with mousse layers and extremely light texture and also a bit of strawberry bavarouaz with nougat and milk chocolate, very fresh, neat dream! And yet the small tartes wink at me from the showcase as they lay aligned close to the "Panorama triangles", the glass bawls with "ekmek kataifi", with cream, biscuit and mousse, the panacotta, the apple pie, the profiteroles, the (my favorite) cheesecake, the chocolate cakes, the biscuit cakes, the baklava… All of them are pure temptation! If you come back after a while, you will find new sweets, as they do not rest in Messali, they always try, make and suggest something different. Here you will taste ice cream in a variety of flavors, but also soft ice cream from the machine, that will send you straight to a flashback of your childhood.

Cakes full of taste and imagination
Of course, if your beloved one has a birthday or if you are preparing to get married, where else are you going to order the best cake? And when we say best, we literally mean both in taste and appearance. You may ask of any design you put on your mind, of as many floors as you like on your wedding cake, that with the glaze will become a true painting on the baker's hands!

Did you know that?
"Messali" is the cloth that covered the particular wooden board, where the dough was placed to rest before baking. Even if you don't know it and get inside the store, you'll see it written in large letters on the wall!
The confectioner of Messali has been awarded a gold medal at a gastronomic festival.
The sweets are all fresh, as they do not keep them more than three days.
Here you will also find jars of spoon sweets, sun-dried tomatoes, honey, jams and rose paste, all signed by Messali.
In winter, do not forget to try the excellent tiramisu and chocolate cakes and Messali's famous macarons!

At your choices...
Coffee, Smoothies, Bread, Cookies, Sandwiches, Snacks, Sweets, Homemade Jam, Drinks, Ice cream, Wifi, Take away

All year

Opening hours
Everyday from 07:00 in the morning

43, Mpoumpoulinas Str, 211 00 Nafplio (Port)
+30 27520 27300


Μπουμπουλίνας 43, Τ.Κ. 211 00, Ναύπλιο (Λιμάνι)