Psarosavouras - Bounos Fish Tavern

From 12 €
77, Bouboulinas str., 211 00 Nafplio (Port)
+30 27520 27704
From 12 €

You appreciate the fresh fish when: a. You know about fishing, and you do it yourself, b. You have friends who are fishing, c. You go to Psarosavoura's fish restaurant and enjoy it.

"Fisheating" at its best
The years pass, but the only thing that has changed in the long recognized by Greeks and foreigners fish restaurant is the address (77, Bouboulinas str.) and the name on the label, which has changed from "Savouras" to "Bounos" Fish tavern or "Psarosavouras".
The restaurant's constant clientele knows that this is the best choice for fresh fish and seafood. Its secret? The emphasis on simplicity and the good raw material that George Bounos has been choosing since 1999, looking for the freshest fish from local fishermen in Tolo, Drepano and fresh lobsters from Agios Efstratios of Lemnos island.
But it's not just the food you value here. It is also the traditional but unobtrusive decoration. The large paintings, the barrels over the serving bar, the elegant chairs, all compose an environment that respects even the most demanding customer.
In its great advantages, is added its excellent service, the experienced, polite waiters serving people always with a smile. It is the group of partners loyal to the service and the kitchen, which for many years are serving the high values and the guaranteed quality of the business.

Order without second thoughts
In "Psarosavouras" you order without wondering if the shrimp-pasta, the lobster or the sea bream "giouvetsi" that you wish having is delicious. This is a fact.
Nothing, however, is that delicious, if you do not accompany it with a little wine, of the restaurant or of a label from local producers in Nemea. Wine brings you one step closer to happiness, joining groups, loosens the mouths and ideally completes the ritual of a meal on Psarosavoura.

Did you know that?
Try steamed mussels and steamed or fried shrimp or shrimps "saganaki" - a true experience, mark my words...
Winter or summer, it is a always lovely to sit in a table outside, in Bouboulina's pedestrian road, and enjoy the view of people strolling and the sea view.

Fresh fish
Take away

All year

Open Hours
Monday - Sunday: 11:30 am until late at night

From (without drinks): 12 €

77, Bouboulinas str., 211 00 Nafplio (Port)
+30 27520 27704

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