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Staikopoulos Square, 211 00 Nafplio (Old town)
+302752 306725
From 10 €

In Staikopoulos square, where the Land Gate used to connect the sea with the city of Nafplio, the historic building of Konstantinidis architect since 1967 is now housing a cafe - "tsipouro" spot that is writing it's own history: the Propolis.

Here the only sound reaches my ears is the singing of the lazy cicadas, the light bustle of the poplar-trees leaves and the running water gurgling over the rocks.

An excuse to forget yourself...
This is the ideal spot to come from morning, enjoy a nice Greek coffee or a Lavazza gold, calmly read your newspaper in privacy, eat a toast if you get hungry. To make an appointment with friends, order a 'tsipouro" (from the wide range available) or ouzo with "meze", snacks and meat or small fish variety dishes. At noon, its unique dishes will surely satisfy you with a nice bottle of wine and the afternoon will also find you there enjoying home-made sweets and yet another coffee. Or you can come with the other half or your buddies early in the evening, to enjoy your dinner and without realizing, to even reach the sweet dawn. "Propolis" has managed to appeal to all ages, from teens up to 70 years old, to couples and families, a feature that is probably difficult to come across in hangouts. 

A pick in the Menu
In Propolis you will enjoy rich and fresh salads, delicious chicken wings with a unique barbecue sauce, cheese and meat varieties, as well as many traditional pies, burgers, club sandwiches and pizza. Of course, you will also enjoy snacks with your wine or beer, such as "bekri meze" (pork bites cooked with peppers and wine), grilled sausage, pork with leek and "kayana" eggs (scrambled eggs with fresh tomato)! From its wine list (of over 10 labels), you'll find exactly what you like best. As for the lovers of sweet tastes, here they can often enjoy chocolate soufflé and the traditional "mosaic", among the other traditional spoon-sweets.
For a strange reason, the next day you will want to come back here again! To go through the land Gate and to leave yourself in the magic of the place. "Propolis" feels almost like an oasis of tastes and senses!

Did you know that?
The name Propolis is not random, as in Greek "Pro Polis" indicates something that is in front of the (old) town (as the Land Gate), while as a substance "propolis" is used by bees to fortify their hive, their own city from the enemies.
You can spend some time playing traditional board game or cards and connect to the Internet.
The music, quality Greek, sounds as discreet as it should, while very often live musical events are hosted with artistic, folk music or "rebetika" songs.
In the interior, exhibitions of painting and sculpture are sometimes taking place.

Live music
Thursdays: "Rebetika" music live
Fridays: various events
Saturdays: quality contemporary soft Greek music live
On Christmas and New Year's Eve: festive menu and live entertainment

At your choices...
Greek cuisine, Appetizers, Meat (etc.) variety dishes, Breakfast, Homemade cake and sweets, Ice cream, Wifi, Take away

All year

Opening Hours
From 8.00 am until 2.00 am

Staikopoulos Square, 211 00 Nafplio (Old town)
+302752 306725


Πλατεία Σταϊκόπουλου, 21100, Ναύπλιο (Παλιά Πόλη)