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From 12 €

Travelling in Greece of flavors
Tolo village always fascinated me for its famous past (mostly in the summer entertainment), some decades ago. However, I did not expect to find a place to conquer me with the kitchen, the view, but mainly with its people, creating an optimistic present and future.
I'll be honest with you. I cannot stand the crowd. I like our country to be filled with tourists, but I prefer the places where I can enjoy the view uninterrupted and the open horizons.
In the case of Panorama Restaurant, the open horizons -I think- is what matters; literally, as the Greek blue of the sky and the sea spreads out, as well as metaphorically, as the flavors of this restaurant travel you to different places.

A place on the "deck"
As soon as I first came to Panorama, I felt like I was on the deck of a ship, ready for an interesting culinary journey. At the wheel stands Vassiliki and Panagiotis, a hospitable, polite couple, who conquers you from the first handshake.
I choose a small table inside, I sit in front of the open windows with the fragrant plants, and my gaze cannot escape the truly magnificent view of Coronissi islet, the chapel of Peter and Paul and Romvi islet, a little further.
It is noon time and the staff is on the move. Waiting for Vassiliki to come and have coffee with me and talk, I take a look at the decor of the shop, which follows a navy mood, perfectly fitting with the place. White wood ceiling, light fixtures with bulbs and thick rope, paintings depicting Tolo, old frames, tables with checkered tablecloths and brown chairs, all cared for - the charm of the old attributing today.

Happiness on three levels
I go out and stare at the cute balcony in the front, with its tables and pots. I go down the whitewashed stairs, I take photos alongside the basilicas and the cactuses, I then reach the second level, to another larger, oblong balcony. At that time, a family wearing swimsuits just arrives from the beach, a few stairs below, to enjoy her meal at the restaurant.

“Pan-orama” by a chef with vision (“orama”)
Sweet Vassiliki arrives bringing a cold coffee and a tasty surprise for me: a dish of boiled wheat (traditionally made in a Greek way) and ice cream with mastic! Greek flavors and tradition, in an interesting delicious encounter.
The owner and chef tells me about the history of the restaurant, that her uncle had together with her dad, who took it over entirely in 1995. In this restaurant, from the age of 14, Vassiliki began to discover the wonderful world of cooking. As she grew up, she studied at the School of Tourism in Tolo; she then left for Athens, filled up with knowledge, images and ideas and returned to her birth place full of zest for creation.
We talk long enough as if we were old friends, but when I ask her about her creations, she gets comprehensive. She likes Greece (obviously, judging from the particular sweet that she has offered me) and keeps her perfume and flavors on every plate, putting her own modern touch in tradition.
She speaks enthusiastically about the beetroot froth with salmon and rice, the pork tenderloin with lime sauce and salad of arugula and sour apple… I see the joy in her eyes when she explains how much the customers like the red peppers jam with ginger, that she makes and that accompanies the beef fillet with aromatic herbs.
We discuss her plans, what she plans to improve in the decoration, in the restaurant, in the kitchen ... A young woman with optimism and steady steps, that you enjoy listening to.

When the sea boosts up the appetite
She certainly is a young woman with a fresh look at cooking, who enjoys tasting her creations. Vassiliki wears the chef's apron, as her kitchen cannot wait, so I find an opportunity to read the Menu.
I would begin my meal with Panorama salad with mint, marinated goat cheese, sundried tomato, fig and pine nuts or should I maybe order a crab salad with avocado? I will definitely be tasting the “flomaria” of Limnos (did you know that they are traditional noodles?) with crayfish and the barley with shrimps, grated feta cheese and fresh herbs.
Concerning the seafood, the restaurant provides everything that you have in mind and even more: lobster with grilled vegetables, lobster pasta, variety of seafood (including fried fish and pickles, tarama, “dakos” rusks, olives and octopus, roasted sardines, anchovies and fried marjoram), sword fillet with rosemary and gruel salad are just some of the dishes I distinguished.
I have definitely provoked your appetite, but even if you are not a fan of seafood, you can choose from meat (turkey burgers with sweet potato puree, and grilled ones with yoghurt dressing sound dreamy), but also traditionally cooked Greek food or pasta and pizzas.
Do not forget to sweeten your meal at the end, with the perfect boiled wheat with ice cream, or the semolina halva with sesame seeds and dried fruit.
You are right at the sea, you enjoy the most perfect view, you have ordered the most special delicacies… well, you will naturally drink ouzo, raki, cool wine or a cold beer. Whatever you choose, fill up my glass too and leave me here. In this little paradise, that made me love Tolo again.

Did you know that?
Wherever you sit, the sea view is guaranteed. It is not by accident, that the restaurant is called “Panorama”!
As starters, I suggest you choose the “trachanoto” with mushrooms, thyme and bacon powder and the eggplant salad with carob bread and “apaki”.
If you wish for a dessert after your meal, or enjoy a coffee or a homemade refreshing lemonade on your beach chair, the staff is available and always smiling.

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1 Sekeri Str., 21056, Tolo
+30 27520 58328


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