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18, Syntagma Square, 211 00, Nafplio (Old Town)
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From 15 €

There is no ideal time capsule in Nafplio, than a walk in Syntagma Square. You are crossing it slowly, you are always looking at the unique buildings, swirling your gaze and body and, by magic, you feel that you have been transferred to another era.
That is exactly what I do, every single time I'm here. Besides, you can never get enough of the magic, right? Only now, I'd like to enjoy a nice, well-groomed lunch.

Inside and outside the square
So I went into the all day Mentor Restaurant. There was still a bit chilly to sit at the coffee tables outside, so I preferred a comfortable sofa in the interior, which, as surrounded by glass windows, makes you feel like you are part of the square.
I left a notebook and my mobile phone on the table; a small piece of art, which behind its glass reveals a shutter, that I have connected to the city, as the craftsmen made them in a special way.

The chef's experience in my plate
And now, the difficult part: What do I order? Which dish of Dimitri do I choose? Because I know that this restaurant owner is... a particular case. He is on top of litteraly everything! After 20 years in the restaurant business, he knows how to do things very well, and the preference of the customers in the 1,5 years that the restaurant counts is probably the best proof.
And furthermore, he himself cooks. The remarkable thing? He is self-taught! And the even better? You know he cooks with such conscience, as if he is going to serve the dish to his three children and his wife, not to someone he meets for the first time.

The menu that puts you in a dilemma
The mediterranean cuisine -ah- one of my favorites! To order something grilled on the spot, a steak or a burger, or maybe better to ask what they have cooked today? I have been told that the pork shank with chicory is exquisite, but the fish soup is also groovy. I would not say no to a well-cooked risotto, of course...
The truth is that the dilemma is great, as I know well that Dimitri selects with love his raw materials from Nafplio and stubbornly tries every time to surpass himself.
Ha, I found the solution! I will leave it on him. Up to him to choose the composition of my meal! I simply point out my love for cheeses (a little "mastelo" of Chios, please) and a Mentor salad with parmesan nest, with lola, spinach, radish, carrot flakes, figs and walnuts, I would definitely wish to have.
I accompany all the delicious flavors with a glass of Mentor wine and finish with a delicious "ekmek" that gives the sweet aftertaste to this tasteful experience.

Another era, here and now
I look at the admirably rich menu and I think of two things: 1. How do they get ahead in one kitchen to prepare all these? And 2. The next time I come with my husband and daughter, it's like watching them immediately order the burger with the handmade burgers, and a Mentor pizza. How well I really know them!...
And after our tasteful journey, we will step out and be photographed in front of the Archaeological Museum. The little one will run up and down the square and we will think about how lovely the time passes. Like living in another era, here and now!

Did you know that?
Why was the name "Mentor" selected? Mentor was Odysseus' friend, who used to guide his son Telemachus. This is where the concept of the word mentor came out, as we use it today.
You will also find here a children's menu, with chicken nuggets (that all children love), penne (pasta) with butter and burgers for kids.
Here you can just drink your coffee and enjoy a sweet (apart from the "ekmek", a good choice is the orange pie and the chocolate soufflé), but even come later in the evening for a cocktail and a chat with friends.
If you are fasting, if you love seafood or if you watch your weight, I would suggest that you order the grilled salmon.
The interior of the restaurant is especially nice, elegant and sophisticated, using abstraction (I picked out the tall shelves with the wines, so impressive), ideal for those who kind of want to isolate themselves, to enjoy a more private lunch or dinner.

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18, Syntagma Square, 211 00, Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27521 52155


Πλατεία Συντάγματος 18, Τ.Κ. 211 00, Ναύπλιο (Παλιά πόλη)