Dao Chinese Restaurant

From 10 €
54, Bouboulinas str., 211 00 Nafplio
+30 27520 22501
From 10 €

Chinese and Japanese cuisine has arrived in Nafplio!

Quality dining with a scent of Far East
In Nafplio, I have no complaints; I eat really nice in places that I have distinguished. But I think I always missed something. I was looking for something different. Until "the ear of rice" opened.
This is the translation of the word "Dao", the name of the only restaurant in town that creates and serves Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Anyone who has tried them, knows that it's about two different culinary cultures, but here you have the opportunity to try them both, which makes "Dao" a favorite hangout for our exits to the city.

With harmony and abstraction tendency
The owner, Shiyong Chen, himself having worked as chef in many restaurants, decided to open this restaurant and cooperate with Chinese chefs covering this dining blank in Nafplio.
He welcomes me in person to the exterior area of the restaurant, with the minimal decoration that I love very much. On the dark wood tables, tablecloths are absent and simple mats and chopsticks are starring. The abstraction tendency is pictured in the earthy and gray tones of the decoration and the lightings made of straw. An ideal choice for anyone who wishes to enjoy their meal overlooking the sea or watching the people going by, in the pedestrian "Bouboulina" road.
While discussing the menu with him, I notice the harmony emitted by the decoration and we decide to move on to the interior of the restaurant. On my right, the chefs create their Japanese delicacies, sushi, sashimi, maki, while in the background, in the kitchen, Chinese dishes are being prepared and their smell literally "break my nose", as we Greeks use to say.
In the hall, I notice a long painting with Chinese ideograms and an elaborate construction with fish and concealed lighting on the adjoining wall. A continuous wooden bench with cushions accommodates romantic couples, teenagers who want to taste for the first time the cuisine of the Far East, families sharing a special dining experience.

Which number should I choose?
The dishes reach the tables and I cannot help but notice how rich the portions are. Equally rich, however, is also the menu. I take the list in my hands. On the one side, I read all the Chinese dishes and overturning it, all the Japanese.
Difficult choice, as I am a fan of both cuisines. From the Chinese menu, Gong Pao chicken and Peking Duck I have been told that they are great; and of course, I will not miss trying the spring rolls and the won ton with Philadelphia cheese. I will finish my meal as it should; that is, with delicious fried ice cream.
From the menu of the country of the Rising Sun, I choose tempura shrimps, maki with crab, cucumber and avocado, salmon teriyaki rolls (a little spicy, but perfect), which I would naturally accompany with "sake" or Asian beer.

The journey that you do not want it to end
Sitting next to me, a couple of Americans seem to enjoy their food, eating with chopsticks and chatting, while a young Chinese tourist -who is served by Mr Chen himself- is sitting behind me. Shortly afterwards, I ask her about the noodles she just tasted (she liked it a lot), we smile to each other, we greet.
How wonderful the world of food is! It is the common language that brings people so close, even if they come from different continents. It stimulates the taste, the smell, the touch, it awakens in you the hormones of happiness! An imaginary journey in the land of senses, that in this Chinese restaurant & sushi bar you never want it to end...

Did you know that?
Do not miss the Mongolian beef, which will be served in a special cast iron pan - a delicious and impressive dish.
In the menu, you will notice one or two red peppers next to some dishes -so that you can understand how hot they are!
The portions are rich and the menu prices are very good.
The restaurant entrance is surrounded by two "pachira" plants. This plant with a braided trunk, is said to bring good luck and wealth. The number of leaves in each branch is five and represents the five basic elements of feng shui:  wood, water, earth, fire and metal.
In the summer, there is a buffet event every Friday evening, with a price of 15€ per person. However, due to the demand, the buffet will continue during the fall!

In your choices
Chinese and Japanese cuisine, Sweets, Fried ice cream, Drinks, Wi-fi

Operating Period
All year

Working Hours
From 13:00 pm
The kitchen closes at 12 midnight
Delivery daily from 13:00 to 23:00
Closed every Tuesday, during wintertime

54, Bouboulinas str., 211 00 Nafplio
+30 27520 22501

Dao Chinese Restaurant

Μπουμπουλίνας 54, 211 00 Ναύπλιο (Παλιά Πόλη)