3Sixty Grill Dining

From 17 €
26, Papanikolaou str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 28068
From 17 €

Since February 2012, Nafplio has its own hot spot, a trendy hangout that not only represents, but in practice proves that "the beautiful is the privilege of all of us." 
Housed in a beautifully renovated neo-classical building that used to be an old mansion, just two steps away from Syntagma square, the Philellinon square and the port of Nafplio. An architectural diamond, that you sit in front of it and just admire it.

Elegant decoration
Entering on the left side, you are in the restaurant area. Oblong, high ceilings made of wood and wooden floor, here my attention was attracted by luminaries like postmodern flowers, floating in the void above the leather sofas. On the wall opposite, two huge black and white pictures of a white horse are reflected in the glass tinted frames with the red cords and tassels.

Excellent flavors, original proposals
The décor is really nice, but what do we order? I open the menu and look at the salads; the prosciutto with arugula and mixed salad, gruyere peels, caramelized pears and molasses sauce seems perfect to me! Among the proposals of street food, the tart stands out flavored with rosemary, with gruyère cheese of Argolis and "syglino" of Mani, served with fresh salad and rocket, but also the variety with Asian delicacies. At the home food category, the Caribbean chicken with pineapple chunks in sauce of rum and mango could directly send me from Nafplio to the Virgin Islands! I like it very much, that there is also a healthy menu, because when I am on a diet, I rarely find something light and tasty to eat elsewhere. Here I order the "en papillote", the salmon fillet with julienne vegetables, to enjoy great taste without remorse for my weight. The menu varies; you will find something different here almost every week. You can also taste pasta, pizza, pancakes, waffles, ice cream and naturally desserts; this pannacotta flavored with mastic bathed in toffee butter, can be my sweet addiction!

The wine lovers’ place (and more)
Let us move on to the wine bar, in the opposite parallel side. The great modern bar dominates the space, opposite the coffee tables and gray chairs are located, while huge black lights pop up from the wall. I adore the slogans, written on the wall with red color: «Every wall is a door…» and «A colorful pencil long enough to draw at the ceiling». I open the wine list and discover wine labels of local wineries of guaranteed quality, such as Skouras, Palyvos, Aivalis, Papaioannou and many other winemakers of Argolis. In case you do not like wine, you can try cocktails from «The bar chef project Summer season 2013». I personally prefer from the new entries the Lemon pie, the Sky fall and the Spa mojito, of the ones created by Panos Govatsos (distinguished bartender).

Premium meats and distinguished cellar
Since 3Sixty is constantly in a mood of evolution and renewal, it launches a small gastronomic miracle! High-quality meat from all over the world finds its place on the chef's grills and excites even the most demanding customers. The 3Sixty Grill Dining & Wine Bar works with Drakoulis Meat's most specialized butchers in Athens, and delivers fine meats from purebred animals that grow up in the most natural way, giving in the meat a distinct flavor and creating high gastronomy dishes. How is this done? The animals spend most of their lives in the meadows, grazing freely and breastfeeding their mother, while gradually their diet is supplemented with barley, oats, rice and corn, thus growing up in a slow, normal rhythm. Black Angus and Australian Wagyu from famous farms in special cuts such as rib eye, tomahawk steak and picanha, perfectly cooked the legendary Josper oven. The result is particularly delicious meats, very tender and juicy. Accompany them with fresh, cool salads, mashed purple potatoes from Peru and, of course, with one of the many wines hidden in 3Sixty's up-to-date cellar. Labels from the Peloponnesian vineyard and all over Greece offer you the choices you need to take off your food.

360 degrees course
Thinking of the name, I get the curiosity to go out and around it, to discover corner by corner its... 360 degrees. On the right, at the I. Koletti pedestrian road, red chairs, tall wooden tables and black stools are waiting for friends to drink coffees, drinks and have laughs. In the back, at the rear side of the church of St. Nicholas, another interesting mix & match of furniture is waiting for me, in a modern, minimalist style. Impressive are the red fiery Moroccan lanterns hanging on the wall. I turn left, to the "Rigas Ferraios" pedestrian street with the round tables and white iron-like chairs. You may choose in which of the three walkways to sit down with your friends and drink your coffee (choose among 17 different ones), or enjoy the sorbet or your fresh juice (Carrot Ginger Elixir with brown sugar, ginger, carrot, lemon and ginger ale? Yes, please!), your beverage, your energy drink or your beer. And of course, you can begin your day here with an energizing breakfast - I choose the "3Sixty" (with homemade jams, butter, honey, fresh eggs, bread and gruyere of Argolis) and light omelette. If you get hungry during the day and wish for a snack, choose a focaccia with grilled chicken or a club sandwich -excellent and healthy its Omega-3 fats!
What else can I tell you about 3Sixty? All you have to do is pay there visit, to feel the zen, relaxed and friendly aura. This is not transported. You live it; in each one of its 360 degrees!...

Did you know that?
You can enjoy local wines here, while you can buy the bottle of your choice from the cellar (in the basement).
If you go in the winter and find another list of cocktails, do not be surprised. They renew it every 6 months!
The staff here is permanent and is distinguished by a friendly, discreet courtesy of those you rarely find.
I have come here ordinary evenings, the place is crowded and people are not set up, they are dancing with enthusiasm and pour drinks; situation that as an Athenian, I admit I am envious of. And on winter Sundays, Greek nights "Never on Sunday" are organized.
For its decoration, 3Sixty has received one of the 19 world design awards!
3Sixty has loyal customers, who will take their breakfast here and they will also end up the day here enjoying a glass of wine. Also, many loyal customers come from Athens specifically for 3Sixty, just to spend one day and leave. It is an established fact. And fully justified!
All Sundays (in the winter) special evenings are organized with Greek music.

To your choices...
Breakfast, Dessert, Drinks, Ice cream, Sandwiches, Wifi, Take-away

Wine Bar
Themed cuisine nights (Chinese - Japanese, Mexican, etc.) and wine tastings by well - known winemakers.

All year

Opening hours
Everyday from 08:00 in the morning

26, Papanikolaou str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 28068

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