Impero Luxury Suites

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1, Spiliadou str. Nafplio, GR 211 00
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From 80 €

Experience the perfect balance between the classical past and the timeless luxury of the present. In the neighborhood of the mansions, a true ornament, a building with a direct view over the sea and the Bourtzi fortress!

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Free up to 21 days before arrival. From 21 to 7 days before arrival a 50% is charged. Up to 7 days before, the full booking fee will be charged.
Up to 11 years old free of charge
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150 meters, the old Nautical Club ("Banieres" beach)
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1, Spiliadou str. Nafplio, GR 211 00
+30 27520 24678

There are some places in Nafplio that constitute its trademark. Greatest of all is Bourtzi. What a joy, to stay in an Impero suite and open your window in the morning, to see Bourtzi castle in the lap of the Greek blue!
As I arrive at the No1 Spiliadou str., I see Bourtzi on the one hand, Impero Suites on the other. And I confess, I cheat for a while on the charm of history, to admire the architectural view of this newly constructed living space, which just opened in December 2019.
Enchanted by its abstract neoclassical elegance and lost in its pale gray, Yiannis Michelakakis finds me, the owner of Impero, full of positive aura, who explains to me that the old building was completely renovated with absolute respect for the old mansion's past, using all natural materials.

Impero, the white empire
As I pass the entrance, a sense of calm and harmony instantly overwhelms me. It is this white, that purifies me inside and protests its dominance through the presence of green plants, minimal frames, the royal blue and emerald of furnishings. At the same time, the high-ceiling gives air in the space, deep breathing and a sense of freedom.

Shared spaces of high aesthetics
The ground floor, divided into three sub-areas that communicate with each other with vaulted open doors, reveals that everything here was created based on the high aesthetics criterion. I can only bow to the talent of its creators, but also the criterion of John himself, who -although a hotel owner for the first time- proves to be a keen expert in materials, colors and combinations.
Next to the reception, another area hosts local products on wooden shelves, such as honey, olive oil and jams. A small tasting for visitors, who believe that flavors in one destination always help you to get to know it better.
Third in the row you see the breakfast room, with an impressive vaulted arch, an elevated space and white color also dominant here; still under construction when I saw it, but definitely a bright place to host our finest mornings.
And right where I was thinking "if this is the ground floor, imagine what the suites will be like!", John takes me to a large exterior staircase. A staircase of stone with a history, that ends in a surprise: the jacuzzi, in the open space like a tiny courtyard, a common reference point for total relaxation…

The magnificent seven (suites)!
I entered all of them. I dreamed of myself staying in each and every one. I picked out my favorites. Now, honestly, I do not know... should I speak to you about them or should you discover their little surprises yourselves?
With common characteristic that all rooms have high ceilings, share the same abstract mood, love the rounded lines in lighting and the natural materials, none actually looks like the other. "How boring the exact same rooms are," John says, and I agree. After all, this makes you want to come back to Impero again and again, to finally stay in all!
Number 1 is the classic 16 sq.m room, with its beautiful handmade oak king size bed and the granite bathroom. The N.2, the premier room, is very bright and its tile-marble floor is a dream! The N.3 or club classic room stands out for its handmade oak floor and the solid bed with geometric headboard.
Number 4, the imposing supreme room, raises the expectations with the element of stone stealing the show and embracing the old marble fireplace. Its wooden ceiling, its private shower and its shared balcony overlooking Bourtzi make this room one of my favorites.
As we visit the rooms, John indicates certain points in the construction of the old mansion, that had to be covered or rebuild from scratch, such as a narrow and steep staircase and several large holes in the walls, which may have helped the rooms in the old times to communicate with one another. "Who were the people that have lived in this old mansion?" we wonder as we enter the magnificent junior suites number 5 and 6. The light shines abundant through their windows, their private balcony becomes a favorite place even on winter sunny days, and of course nothing can compete with an elegant room with sea view.

Seven heaven, or else the grand suite No. 7
We all know that attics always hide the biggest secrets and your anxiety always grows bigger as you explore them. No suspense though about this grand suite, just love! Two rooms, with a single bed in the smaller room when you walk in, gives you immense joy when you proceed to the huge main bedroom, with its comfortable bed and emerald velvet sofa. And right where you say "I will just stay here, let me be", you go out on the big balcony and face Palamidi castle all lightened up, to remind you how blessed you are...
Impero Luxury Suites: An empire of senses that magically brings out your best, a reference point for the incomparable beauty of a place hospitable and unique.

Did you know that?
Until the bright breakfast area is shaped, guests can enjoy it at the top place to be, the "3Sixty".
All 3 nights bookings offer 1 hour of jacuzzi for free!
One (1) overnight stay is also free of charge on all five (5) day accommodation packages.
The amenities in the bathrooms are of the excellent company "Caudalie"- another proof that everything here was taken care of to the detail.
Agritourism, excursions to ancient monuments, walks around the hives and more, are experiences that Yiannis keeps as proposals for his guests -stay tuned!

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Impero Luxury Suites

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