Ippoliti Hotel & Suites

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Aristidou & 9 Ιlia Miniati Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 96088
From 125 €

If the issue of “where to stay” is not indifferent to you, but has the meaning of true hospitality, giving emphasis in the detail, being diffused of discreet luxury, then consider one of the best and most known Hotels in Nafplio: the “Ippoliti” Hotel!

Hotel Policy
Check in:
Check out:
14 days before arrival
Under 5
Distance from beach
The nearest beach is Arvanitia at 600m
Lobby lounge bar
Swimming Pool
Non smoking rooms
Sunshine Yard
Heating/Air Conditioning
Breakfast at the room
Room service
Mini Bar
Products for personal care
Baggage Storage
Special Menus (on request)
Rooms and public spaces friendly to people with special needs
Aristidou & 9 Ιlia Miniati Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 96088

The detail makes the difference.
Since 2004, that "Ippoliti" has opened as a hotel, has hosted in its 19 rooms hundreds of Greek and foreign guests, ordinary people, as well as many famous, who find here hospitality, friendly atmosphere and all the facilities that promise a memorable stay. If you stay in any of the rooms (which are spread on the ground floor and the three upper floors), you will feel overwhelmed by a sweet feeling, like you pamper yourself in the best way. I'm trying to figure out exactly where this is due: in the pale colors, that have been chosen to dress the walls, in the carefully selected furniture, in details (that always make the difference in a place), such as branded soft mats and lovely bedclothes, in the luxurious white towels and toiletries in the bathroom? In the luxury of a Jacuzzi or Turkish bath that offers you a water-massage, while you listen to music? Or perhaps in the paintings of Nikolaos Gyzis, stealing the impressions? Ultimately, I believe that the people who designed the hotel, have put so much emphasis on everything separately and composed all elements with such mastery, that the outcome could only be harmonious and tasteful. Like a sweet melody that caresses your ears and imaginary travels you around. If one adds in all this the unique view of Bourtzi castle, what else can you ask for, to feel happy? 

Personal Preferences
If someone asked me which of all Ippoliti's rooms impressed me, I would frankly have difficulty in answering. But certainly, I would choose to stay in one of the romantic attics with the view of Bourtzi castle, or in one of the high-ceilinged deluxe rooms with a sloping roof. For a winter getaway, I would choose the maisonette overlooking Bourtzi and the pool, while to friends who have babies or kids, I would recommend the family rooms on the ground floor, for easier access and space comfort.

For a wonderful day!
I would welcome my day by pulling the curtains and enjoying the view. I would wear my swimsuit and enjoy a swim in the pool at the back of the hotel; or if the weather did not permit, I would do some exercise in the well equipped gym. After a quick shower, I would go to the breakfast area to enjoy the tastes of the rich buffet: eggs cooked in whatever way you fancy (fried, boiled, scrambled eggs, with tomato), bacon, sausages, excellent pies and orange-pies (they make them here themselves) cakes, croissants, many fruits and fruit salads, jams and spoon sweets from the local cooperative of Nea Kios, homemade bread, cereal, coffee and fresh orange juice. And then I would do endless walks in the beautiful alleys of Nafplio. Which -definitely- they would not be the same if "Ippoliti" was not here. Believe me. 

Did you know that?
Who can imagine that before Ippoliti was built, everything started from... just four walls (the only remainings of the previous mansion, that was situated here)? It is with personal care, passion, taste and a lot of work and persistence that this wonderful hotel was constructed!
Half of the rooms have a fireplace (there is an extra charge for wood), making Ippoliti an ideal choice for winter holidays or cold winter weekends.
In the pool area, notice the old well and the iron antique door, proof that the owners love antiques.

Available Rooms
For one, Double, Triple, For four, Suites

Public parking at 50m

All year

ΜΗ.Τ.Ε. 1245Κ060Α0158000

Ιππολύτη Hotel & Suites

Αριστείδου & Ηλία Μηνιάτη 9, 21100, Ναύπλιο (Παλιά Πόλη)