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Papanikolaou & Moutzouridou Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 22276
From 60 €

Nafplio is full of historical buildings. Some of them operate as museums, open to the public at certain times, and in some you may not only visit, but ... actually stay overnight! Like in "Dias" boutique hotel!

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Papanikolaou & Moutzouridou Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 22276

It is well known that Nafplio is full of historical buildings. Some of them operate as museums, open to the public at certain times, and in some you may not only visit, but ... actually stay overnight! Like in "Dias" boutique hotel!

In the depths of history
Dias Hotel is housed in an historical building. Here was the residence of Demetrios Ipsilantis (commander of the troops in eastern Greece, appointed by governor Ioannis Kapodistrias in 1838), while just across the street lived Manto Mavrogenous (a heroine of the Greek War of Independence; the revolution of 1821 against the ottoman occupation). Their affair was known at the time.That 's how their famous romance and unfortunate love was born...
Seems to me that the experience of staying at such a hotel deeply penetrates your cells, as if you're giving yourself a tonic injection of history, that changes your way of thinking today...
Do not rush to call me a romantic or perhaps that I exaggerate. Meet my words by checking with your own eyes! Take a walk towards Papanikolaou Street's number 49 in Nafplio, a breath away from the "Gate of the Land", two steps away from Syntagma Square. There, at the corner with Moutzouridou street, you will find "Dias" Hotel. Before entering the entrance door, stand still for a while, lift up your eyes, admire the beauty of the building, give a moment to it, but also to yourself. Then read the marble plaque on the wall. It is a house that bares history, courage, love, intrigue, an unfortunate end... But for all this, the owner of the hotel will speak to you better, Mr. Michalis, a man who loves his place of origin, who seeks the truth and knows exactly how to connect the past with today -a true stream of knowledge!

Residence of "gods" and people
As you enter the "Dionysos" dining room, where the rich breakfast is served, you can ask him to tell you about the story of Ypsilantis, about his relationship with Manto Mavrogenous, about the political developments of the time... Then go up the wooden staircase with the bordered carpet (think about how many important people have climbed it up...), see the rooms, smell the past and feel the aura that diffuses the building. All 11 rooms, baptized with the names of Olympus gods, are decorated with sophisticated elegance and dressed with classic luxury furnishings. Each god has given his own distinctive aura and philosophy in every living space, with paintings on the walls depicting him, with different colors in the decoration, with the olive and the meander playing the first role. You will notice that "Apollo" and "Hera" are quite spacious rooms and have a Jacuzzi (they also have a convertible sofa that turns them into triple rooms, as well as the "Athena" room). At "Poseidon" room, go out to the balcony and enjoy the view of Palamidi castle -but do not forget to notice the two blue doors, which used to be of use in the past, but now they are purely decorative. And if at first glance you loved these rooms, climbing a ladder and reaching the attic, it is sure that you will... fall in love. That's right! "Aphrodite" is here, diffused everywhere, in the large deck bed, in the pink touches of lighting and upholstery, in the small windows, in the sweet color tones, in the balcony, which makes you talk to the stars and the Palamidi castle opposite.
At the end of this day, being so full of the experience of staying in a hotel with an historical background, you will get to agree with me in what I first told you - though now that I think of it, a little romance and a hint of exaggeration never really hurt anyone!

Did you know that?
Breakfast here is simply... divine: Various pies and "bougatsa" pie handmade by Mr Michalis, fresh orange juice, that you will have the pleasure of extracting on your own, handmade jams of wild figues, of cherries, of oranges, fresh eggs from the chickens of the family, gluten-free ham, gruyere of Kalavrita and many other goodies, delicious and especially of high quality!
The "Afroditi" room is ideal for the first wedding night, but also for anniversaries and romantic weekends.

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