3Sixty Hotel & Suites

From 200 €
26 Papanikolaou & Kolleti Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 2752 500501
From 200 €

Discreet luxury, high aesthetics, ideal location, environment for relaxation and tranquility: who does not focus on these elements looking for an ideal accommodation? Ladies and gentlemen, I present you “3Sixty Hotel & Suites”, the most special place to stay in Nafplio!

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The nearest beach is Arvanitia at 500m
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26 Papanikolaou & Kolleti Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 2752 500501

Discreet luxury, high aesthetics, ideal location, environment for relaxation and tranquility: who does not focus on these elements looking for an ideal accommodation? Ladies and gentlemen, I present you “3Sixty Hotel & Suites”, the most special place to stay in Nafplio!

Those of you who love “Anapli” (Nafplio), already know 3Sixty, a Restaurant and a Wine Bar that does not rest and constantly seeks the best for its customers. Under the same management and the same roof, in a renovated old mansion, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, opened in April 2015 an A’ Class boutique hotel with seven suites. I had the pleasure of visiting them all one by one, and the truth is that each one stole my heart for its own - and my own reasons!
Where the past passes the light to the future
Having already been introduced to the perfectionism and professionalism of the “Neoclassiki Group” team through the hotels Ippoliti, Nafsimedon and Xenon Inn, when entering for the first time at the 3Sixty Hotel & Suites front door, I could not expect anything less than the excellent. The wooden staircase in the lobby, preserved just as when the owners of the old mansion were descending it, the white ceiling with the fine rosettes and the authentic mosaic on the floor, reminded me that respect in the past constitutes the strong foundation for a meaningful future. An elongated crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the top floor down to the ground floor, where the lobby is, reflects the sunlight coming in uninvited, but always welcome, and creates colorful iridescent reflections in conversation with the impressively large mirrors.

Seven heaven
The 7 suites are all deluxe, and are divided into 3 deluxe queen (having two rooms that can accommodate a third person) and 4 deluxe junior suites (for 2 persons).
The decoration is based on the element of luxury, that runs through every room effortlessly and in a natural way, with a distinctive eye closure in pop art. Its philosophy is common to all the suites, with the difference that each one has to demonstrate its own details, which make it unique. Genuine leather in the furnishing, fine fabrics on the curtains and Versace linens, soft fresh-smelling towels and bathrobes with the hotel logo, modern carpets of different types in each suite. The colorings are based on white and black and “play” with the palette of brown, gray, purple-aubergine, and lemon. The light comes generously from the windows, even when the old-styled shutters are closed, in contrast to the hum of the city which, thanks to the excellent soundproofing, stays where it belongs, outside. The crystals on the wall-mounted chandeliers, the hidden lighting with dimmer, the elegant bedside reading-lamps contribute in a technical way to the charm of light. The bathrooms, in clean, in simple lines, have a tiny kit for anything you need and beauty sets, while all of them have a Jacuzzi system, in the shower or the bathtub.

God save the… queen
The queen deluxe suites are two-roomed, containing a spacious bedroom with a fireplace, and a living room hosting a sofa (which opens if necessary), a desk and a plasma TV.
Technology and design that surprises
Large mirrors with brass edging, horizontal or vertical, are a common feature in all the rooms, and you are about to be surprised: not only that you see your own reflection through the mirror, but you can also watch... television! On the bedside furniture, black phones in retro design leave you... speechless, as you pick up the handset and it is... wireless, while the black door knobs are impressive, as they combine the old with the modern!

Details that stand out
For those who love the verandas, ask for the junior suite with the front view of Palamidi castle, the Town Clock and the Palamidis municipal library, and if a very bright room is of your preference, ask for the two-room suite in the corner, which has the most windows. The two-room suite is particular and painted in white with lemon-yellow touches, and contains a bathtub and a large round bed.

The higher, the more romantic
The one that clearly stands higher than all the suites, both metaphorically and literally, is the junior suite, which is one level higher and more secluded, ideal for tender weekends and the first wedding night. With a round black leather sofa beside the bed, layered pony skin carpets in cow print, a large wardrobe-mirror like an open walk-in-closet, and Palamidi castle distinguished from its window, what else can you ask for? And yet! This suite has its own balcony that not only gazes at Bourtzi, but also has a jacuzzi for relaxation and romantic moments!

It encloses you
You are at 3Sixty Hotel & Suites, in the old city center, on the one hand you gaze at Palamidi castle, on the other the sea with Bourtzi, you have at your feet the picturesque alleys... And yet, when you look at your suite, you enter an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation, from which you will not want to exit. This walk to Palamidi castle might wait a little longer...

Did you know that?
Your breakfast can be served in the suite or enjoyed it in the 3Sixty Restaurant until 12:00 noon. In the same place you can enjoy your meal or dinner or even your wine and drink.

Available Rooms
Suites - 4 Junior & 3 Queen

Public parking space at 100m

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