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1, Staikopoulou & Farmakopoulon str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
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The famous writer Mark Twain had said that "if in paradise smoking is not allowed, then I will not go!". And if he lived today and he was in Greece, we would definitely meet him at "Kapnopoleio", the smokers paradise!

This small and special place opened its doors in July 2014 in one of the most picturesque corners of Nafplio. As you enter, you will find yourself inside the magical world of cigars, leaf tobacco, hookahs and ashtrays. This is a store with items for smoking, also with various and special gifts proposals, that is made with love and care.

The person behind the scene...
The very soul of this shop is called Maria Becca, the restless and smiling owner, who attracts you once you walk in the store. Hailing from Piraeus, flirted years with Nafplio and her dream was to live here... Member of a family with 45 years experience in the field of tobacco, Maria decided to do what she knew better opening Kapnopoleio and giving it her best. And this effort is more than obvious.

Cuban rhythm
The protagonists of smoking, the best of them, handmade cigars residing in a walk-in humidor with special conditions. Cigars from Cuba, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, even from Greece, are arranged in open boxes, on shelves and calling you to smell them, light them. Looking at some prices, you feel the myth that cigars are for the elite, that they are expensive and inaccessible to many. But here this myth has collapsed. Here you can find cigars ranging from 1.5 euros. Eventually, cigars appeal to all budgets! You can also find very light to heavy flavor cigars for all tastes. "Kapnopoleio" also sells all the ancillaries: Cigar cases, humidors, travel humidors, ashtrays, cutters. It is said that for those who know, the cigar is a ritual, a reason to celebrate something; smoking a good cigar! For the rest, a good opportunity of professional success, a special occasion, a unique personal moment you want to seal with a good cigar, alone or with friends. Besides humidifiers, I’ve noticed a wide variety of manufactured cigars, but also cigarillos in different flavors...

Along with the greatest!
And if Che Guevara and Winston Churchill have connected themselves to cigars, celebrities such as Greta Garbo, Albert Einstein, Anthony Hopkins have linked their profile with the smoking pipe or tobacco pipes, as they are called. If you are fond of smoking, "Kapnopoleio" has amazing pipes that you can sit admiring them for hours; some are real works of art! Of course these also are accompanied by their consumables: of smoke anything you can imagine, particular ashtrays, etc.

Variety of… everything
"Kapnopoleio" has also a great variety of tobaccos for handmade cigarettes, filters (at competitive prices), tobacco cases and many more. Even if you are not a smoker, you can’t avoid been impressed by the hookahs in unique design from Lebanon and Dubai. You can also get the electronic cigarette and supplies, but also all the flavors. Knowing now better the Tobacco Shop, notice that all items are selected one by one. Even of lighters, for example, you will find from the simplest plastic ones, until the famous Colibri.

Show your love
And if you want to make a special gift, apart from the idea of a good cigar and cigarette lighter, you can find the sets of famous "smart" French knives "Opinel", for the ones that enjoy outdoor activities, but also for the kitchen or the garden.

Here, except for tobacco products and cigars, you can find a wide variety of special drinks bottles, which will accompany your evening or your gift.

Did you know that?
At "Kapnopoleio" you can even order the box of your favorite cigars or tobacco..
The first who discovered the calming effects of smoke were the Indians. They used to smoke a pipe or cigar. With the arrival of the first Europeans in America in the 15th century, the habit passed to Europe and then spread gradually throughout the world.
Tobacco Shop is deservedly in the group of "Habanos Specialists", that confirms the premium quality of cigars and their meticulous maintenance!
At Tobacco Shop you can also buy the electronic smoke heating device IQOS.

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1, Staikopoulou & Farmakopoulon str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 24834


Σταϊκοπούλου 1 & Φαρμακοπούλων, Τ.Κ. 21100 Ναύπλιο (Παλιά Πόλη)