Polytimi Pottery

17, Vas. Olgas str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old town)
+30 27520 29932

Eventually, this city haw been loved a lot! Not only in words but in practice, since I constantly meet "foreign" people who choose to live in Nafplio and start their own business, like Politimi.

A different workshop and an art gallery
The label wrights “Polytimi, pottery”. The space consists of the exhibition and the workshop hosted in one of the beautiful, restored buildings of paved road Vassilissis Olgas. On large cubes are exposed precious works: vases, plates, bowls, cups, dinnerware, decorations and paintings, which she chose to accompany the exhibition. Great alternation of shapes, colors, materials, different techniques, original ideas. In the center, the impressive vases raku dominate the space, with those particularly "breaks" (cracks) in their shiny surface. My eyes now capture great lanterns - oil lamps, like huge drops of perforated clay. I notice that there are in all sizes and in different variations. Some are lit and the sweet light of the candle comes from small holes and dispersed in space. How impressive is that in total darkness! Finally, I feel that the "lamps" are the "trademark" of her work valuable. "Countless already traveled and light to all corners of the planet," he tells me excited.

My precious… Polytimi
We pass at the workshop for a coffee and a discussion -a small break Politimi that never sits. I see the wheel, the materials and tools of her work, the dozens of items on the shelves, waiting patiently to take their final form. She speaks enthusiastically about her students, their performance, the joy of communication. All has been started with a small pottery workshop basement somewhere in Kifissia, where she grew. There he first came in contact with the clay, there resolved to deal professionally with ceramics and amaze us all with her creations. Then they came all by themselves: the School of Ceramics, Practice, teachers and of course, Santorini! It was there that the Politimi started the first own space and there created the staff style. Fifteen beautiful and creative years. Now we are pleased to able to realize the old dream: to live and create in Nafplion, who had charmed and admired since childhood. A "valuable" Art workshop must-visit!

Did you know that?
The technique Raku (the word means happiness) comes from Japan, connected with tea ceremonies and relies on large temperature changes The evening, outdoor firing at the kiln gas reaches 1000 degrees Co and the ceramic is placed in transmission with a fuel such as sawdust, paper etc. which ignited to make the reduction. After about 15 minutes the ceramic is immersed in water. The natural break is an integral part of the technique and the result is unique every time!

At Politimi you can give your own order, or for decorative, utilitarian objects, even for favors.
In the gallery you can find also paintings by Greek artists.

All the year

Open Hours
Closed all the Sundays of January and all the February (open at public holidays)

17, Vas. Olgas str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old town)
+30 27520 29932

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