24, Vas. Konstantinou Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
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No 24 at St. Konstantinos Street (the central and most famous pedestrian road of the old town), a few steps away from the Nafplio City Hall, hides a small paradise of colors and gifts, the “Memento” store.
We naturally first stand outside, to gaze at its stands, to examine the lucky bracelets that we will offer as gifts to our close friends and to laugh with its humorous metal decorative plates – and, of course, to choose another decorative magnet for the collection that our fridge hosts.

With the aura of memories, a paradise of colors and innocence
I gaze at the beautiful restored building over the shop, with the stone walls and the small particular balcony. I really love the breeze of old buildings, as much as I love to know new places and people. I go inside the store and give the luxury of time to myself, to observe one by one these unique objects.
I try the Blue Scents aromas, I put some body lotion in my hand -I'm lost in its the scent- and I think I found the gift I was looking for, for my girlfriend who has a birthday in a few days. Or would she like these scented chips, the small scented candles with the incredible perfumes, that will burn and her office will smell of fruit and summer?
And then, when having decided what to buy - while my daughter continues to try on small bracelets – I nearby see a most amazing collection of earrings, the Koromilos. The designs I was looking for so long and I could not find anywhere, there they were now before me, as if someone had entered my mind and guessed my taste!

The pleasure of children, of any age
I love the color and I seem to share this passion with Memento. Everything here exhales the joy of life, the childhood and the innocence that you would want to preserve as much as you grow up.
At the end of the elongated space, a special hanger of "Kalimera" brand hosts the most beautiful dresses I have seen! With checkered, scarred, patterned designs, like a happy picnic in the countryside - yes and a few designs the same for Mom and Daughter, would you say I should buy?
In a different style, but equally special and with a unique texture, the Modous T-shirts. T-shirts for men, women and children, that you wear and you connect with them the most beautiful summer memories.
I look at the post-cards with the alternated vintage pictures and the smart mottos and I laugh. And I stand among the toys, lots of toys, small and bigger, tabletop, cubes, wall clocks for children, gifts that would make every child very happy!

I cannot fail to notice the wonderful constructions of the wooden houses, as if someone had enclosed the captivating beauty of Nafplio in a handmade miniature. Also notice the elegant ceramics, the trees with pomegranates, the decorative hearts and flowers and the so exquisite tourist items, as the mugs and the keychains are.
I don’t really know how long we've been staying with my daughter in the shop, until we have decided what to buy. The truth is that we enjoyed it once more. But what I know for sure, is that Memento will always be our first stop on our trip to Nafplio. Our choice to find the best gifts and to “breathe” a little more beauty…

Did you know that?
“Memento” belongs to the sweet Margarita Petraki, daughter of Mrs. Stella Rizopoulou, a true artist who creates using vivid imagination and creativity memorable handmade dreams…
Here, you can find elegant gifts and souvenirs of “Margaro” firm, that are produced by Margarita ‘s family.

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24, Vas. Konstantinou Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 98444

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