3, Vas. Konstantinou Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
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Walking from Syntagma Square towards the pedestrian road "V. Konstantinou", just a few steps ahead, some small, large and huge windmills capture your heart! A fair wind is blowing outside Laineli...

The passing of time
I no longer remember how many windmills I have bought from here for my daughter. After so much blowing, I stopped counting. For that matter, Laineli is a pure temptation for all ages. For me, that I love the old buildings, my attention always focuses on the facades of typical old buildings with high ceilings. Here, the three arched doors are of pure architectural magic. Even the label of the store is special, made by the painter Dimitris Vassioulas, with obvious inspiration from the folk artist Theofilos.

Temptation Shop
But even if you don't love tradition, you can't help but stand outside the shop's windows and in front of the wooden showcases and stare at the handmade jewelry for hours, the charms, even the small souvenir magnets -and want to buy them all!
Going inside, look up to see the element that "steals the show": the magnificent authentic roof of 1910, which has stood there imperious, since the building housed a pharmacy.

What should I choose first?
With discreet melodies diffusing the space, time passes in this great store without you realizing it. And what is there not to notice before you: a huge variety of jewelry, silver, faux, gilded, "Greek and handmade, by creators in Athens and Thessaloniki" as Thanassis, the owner, explains to me.
I let him serve a mom with her daughter and two teenage girlfriends and I find the opportunity to gaze at my favorite momiji dolls, the bags, purses and wallets with the figures of Betty Boop, Miss Piggy, Olive and Marilyn, that would give so much joy to my little one -and, I confess, to me too.
"The products are 60% Greek and 40% imported", Thanasis tells me. A little further, I do not know what to choose from the hanging room decorations with butterflies, hearts, fairies, the colorful paintings and handmade frames, the music boxes in pink-pale shades, all ideal for a children's room and perfect gifts for babies, baptisms and birthdays of our Lilliputians friends.

Lovely gifts for good friends
The magic of retro casts its golden dust on cars and boats, puppets, wooden board games, miniatures of musical instruments, while tradition declares being present through humming-tops, wooden yo-yos and elegant ceramic items.
For every object I look at, I automatically run the process in my mind and wonder, "Who will I offer it to?"
As for me, I cherish my relation with this tasteful gift shop and the lovely people behind it, Thanassis and Mariza. Tell me, is there a better gift than this?

Did you know that?
Laineli comes from the Greek word "laini" (that is the pitcher) in the Mytilenean idiom. No, it is not related to the origin of the owner, but to his previous involvement with ceramic art.
Before Laineli opened in 1993, there was a glass shop here (and other household items).

All year

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 10:30 – 22:30
Saturday 10:30 – 23:30
Sunday 10:30 – 22:30

3, Vas. Konstantinou Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 26167

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