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I thought I discovered my city and its people, as soon as I visited "Agnithes". I live so long in Nafplio and I had never noticed this particular place of art!

In front of you, an old desk full of neckties (handmade please, hand sewn) a riot of color in even more enchanting with their reflection on the old mirror that is directly above it. Beside them nicely folded scarves in various colors and over dolls necklaces, hats, scarves, mufflers. Continuing your visual journey in various corners of the shop will stand out especially jewelry, bracelets and earrings. In the center of the shop the perpetrator of all loomweights: the loom. Have you ever seen? More of a purple, blue, silver and black cloth, which still does not know what form it will come up. Everywhere threads, silk, hanks of wool, cotton, textiles, floor colorful bobbins leaning around the loom, ready to become part of one of the creatures.

Maria from Agnithes
Discussing with Maria, the owner of Agnithes, is very pleasant. She came in Nafplio in 1996 because he wanted to give quality to life and created the laboratory of the textile. No, she does not follow a plan. Each time depending on what she want to create, starts and loom up her ideas.
"I would like to show my work to new children, to continue the endless art of the textile" confides me.

Original crafts by Greek artists
In this special shop you will find creations by Greek designers and manufacturers. Maria is interested in handmade arts and gives the opportunity to young artists to exhibit their work. You can find also bags from real leather designed by the Greek designer Maria Alifieri. 

Worth to see
The loom that you can see in Agnithes is the only one in Nafplio and one of a few that exist in Greece.

Did you know that?
If you are interested in any special craft say it to Maria and your wish will come true. Agnithes is proposed in many American and European tourist guides. Features e-shop and shop ( While accepting orders in ties or scarves for business gifts at wholesale prices.
Angithes or lees were clay, stone, or leaden loom weights pyramid, which were used for stretching the warp.

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+30 27520 22380, +30 6978886376

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