Sailing cruise in the Argolic gulf

From 80 €
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From 80 €

Explore the beauty of the Argolic Gulf on a sailing boat, discover unique spots and remote beaches, learn the basics and feel the thrills of sailing! Enjoy the sun and the pleasures of the sea in this private half day cruise, starting from the harbor of Nafplio. Experience the beauty of secret beaches that you can not visit by car and discover the small islands in the bay, enjoying the sailing activity and the delicious meal, that the amazing captain-chef prepares for you on the spot!

Operating period
April to October

Cruise stops
Nafplio - Xiropigado - Astros - Karathona - Romvi - Daskalio, but also Tyros
(Depending on the selected type of cruise)

Cruise cost
From 80€ per person (for 6 people -half day)
The price range increase accordingly, depending on the number of persons.
Minimum number of participants 2 persons and maximum 8 persons (private or not)

Types of cruise
Full Day cruise; departure between 9:00-11:00, for 8 ½ hours.
Includes: Breakfast, light lunch, Mediterranean main course, plate with seasonal fruits, cold plate with local cheeses & cold cuts, 1 bottle of wine per 3, snacks, homemade juice, soft drinks and water.
Price: 130€ /person (for 6 people)
Half day cruise; morning cruise starting at 9:00 or sunset cruise starting at 16:00 for 4 hours
Includes: Breakfast or light lunch, plate with seasonal fruits, cold plate with local cheeses & cold cuts, 1 bottle of wine per 3, snacks, homemade juice, soft drinks and water.
Price: 80€ /person (for 6 people)
Exclusive / private only. Duration 4-10 hours, ex. from 9:00 to 16:00.
Included: Everything mentioned in the other two cruise types and also the possibility for: Yoga / meditation, wine tasting, party or creating a completely custom and personalized experience.
Price: according to the particular requirements

4-10 hours, depending on the selected cruise type
Flexible schedule for morning, sunset & 1 or more days sailing yacht cruises

General description
We depart from Nafplio's harbor in the morning or at noon, depending on our choice for a day cruise or to see the sunset (sunset cruise). On a straight sailing course towards the village "Xiropigado", we taste hearty snacks or soft drinks at sea and getting ready to reach the enchanting beach called "Nekrotafio" with the turquoise waters, where we make our first stop for a swim (with mask and fins or without).
We then leave the beaches of "Xiropigado" and passing by the well known "Karathona" beach in Nafplio, we enjoy a plate of cool and delicious fruits, on the way to our next stop.
Continuing our journey, we reach the bay of the picturesque Tolo village. Between the islets of Romvi and Daskalio overlooking Tolo, we make our next most rewarding stop, for a swim in the bay's turquoise waters and to enjoy a hearty meal, prepared on the spot by the chef on board.
We finally depart from the bay of Tolo, heading back to Nafplio. We will finish our day cruise to the waters of the Argolic Gulf, enjoying a variety of fruits and wine from Greek winemakers. On our afternoon cruise in the incredible waters of Daskalio, we take a seat to watch the sunset with a glass of wine and return to Nafplio full of images, experiences and the best impressions!

Upon request and prior arrangement, the possibility is provided (with an extra charge) for a Yoga-meditation class, wine tasting with on-board delicacies, a party or the creation of a completely personalized experience.

Experienced Captain, Skipper, Chef
Mini brioches for breakfast, coffee, fresh fruits
Soft drinks, Beers and Wine
Lunch - Cooked Meal on board
Access to all areas and on board provided services
All Taxes

Not included
Transfer from hotel (provided upon request as an extra service, with extra cost)

Onboard provided services
Use of two bathrooms.
Sitting room (interior or exterior) and space outside for sunbathing. 
Music/CD throughout
For swimming, a mask, snorkel and fins, as also a SUP board are provided
Photos of the day

Boarding station
The Harbor of Nafplio (Akti Miaouli str.)

Necessary to have
The ticket or the clip of your booking
ID or passport
Hat, sunscreen, swimsuit and beach towel

Weather usually does not affect the cruise. However, if canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions, you will be given the option of an alternative date or a full refund
Confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you by e-mail, immediately upon completion of Online booking

Did you know that?
This is a most popular and fulfilling Full or Half-Day Cruise, either for family or a group of friends, or as a single participation in an existing group.
Swimming at the beaches mentioned is very safe, the waters are crystal clear and the bottom is visible and smooth.
Upon request, the cruise may take the character of a special occasion, such as a birthday or an anniversary. Discover Nafplio Team can help you make this cruise truly magical! ...

Κρουαζιέρα στον Αργολικό με ιστιοπλοϊκό