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Remember when we were little, we used to eat a particular candy, which was bursting in our mouths like small fireworks? Can something so small cause you so many "explosions"? Yes, it can...

The strong small place of Siokou Str.
This is exactly how I felt, when I went to meet the "Skantzochiros" (hedgehog in Greek). Small bright surprises to pop up here and there and to fill me with feelings of sweetness, optimism, and a a kind of stubborn determination...

Friends always have a nice time
In this small café-bar in the 'Siokou" alley, Rafaela greets me with a smile, as if I had to meet with a dear friend, whom I haven't seen in a long time and she has so many things to tell me. Alekos makes me a coffee. Really nice coffee, I confess.
We sit down and chat comfortably, relaxed. This comfortable attitude is the philosophy of the coffee-bar, which Rafaela opened 4 years ago and two years ago she started sharing with Christos and Spyros.
For the three owners, but also all boys and girls who work here, everything becomes simple. With teamwork, with enthusiasm, with joy, with a friendly mood, especially in a humanly approach.
At first glance, they all seem like... hedgehogs to you! Thorns everywhere for protection, for defense, but in each of these kids, tenderness and sensitivity cannot be hidden…

Hand made...
The coffee-bar is small and nice. More colorful outside with its chairs, more dark inside. Every corner, every object is a small revelation, since the place is entirely made by the "Skantzochiros" team itself. Unbelievable, you do not grasp it if they do not tell you; you think that the decorator here was in a uplifting mood when he was making it -but no...
They scratched the walls themselves and discovered old beams, they made the lamps in the bar from water pipes, they made the bar from geolite and with pallets they found discarded, they made the tables of wood and metal, they put outside chairs colored like old candy canes, they created super original Menus made of old books...
They have put a lot of black and gray color inside, a pink flashing skull - a design of their own, of course - and Virgil, from the School of Fine Arts, left his artistic mark on a wall. On their own, but never alone!

Music, friends and legendary parties
It is morning and the music is lounge jazz, perfect for relaxing and drinking your coffee. If you want something stronger, come at night. Many friends play music here, such as Virgil with his punk, funk and rockabilly, Ioannis Gennaios known for the 80s, trash, and psychedelic, but also DJs from Athens.
Music that rouses the world -that, yes, makes the evenings come loud and people dance! As for the parties in "Skantzochiros"... well, these are his trademark. Favorite are the trash parties, which take place every other week and the… "Cheap Rumi" parties, where you drink all the rum cocktails cheaper, and of course the anti-fascist or solidarity parties and the Anti-Valentine’s party!
The "Skantzochiros" is one of the places where you can easily come alone, since you will immediately find company, if you want. You can easily come, even if you do not have much money in your wallet, because drinks are cheap, and with the same comfort you will get a beer and sit outside in the alley - bottom down, without this seem strange to anyone.
You can come with your friends, your baby, your dog or with all of them together, and just have a coffee while enjoying a sunny breakfast.
But if you let go, even a little bit, you will discover many "suns" hidden behind the dark walls.

Did you know that?
The coffee-bar is pet friendly, so why not come with your dog. You can come across both "Roula" and "Chondri" (fat), the two masterless dogs - frequent "customers".
In the menu you will see two cocktails, which are inspired and made by the team, the Doflamingo and the Tinder. Try them.
The potions and herbs are organic (teas and infusions), excellent is even the organic cocoa, while if you are vegan, ask for almond or hazelnut milk.
Here you will come across painting and photography exhibitions, theatrical installations and bazaars with second hand clothes.

Skantzochiros is not only a café, not just a bar, not only a bistro. It is more likely all this together and especially a very generous and welcoming most popular hangout!...

In your choices...
Coffee, Drinks, Sandwiches, Wifi, Take away

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Opening hours
Everyday from 10:00 in the morning until late at night

Ath. Siokou 3, 211 00 Nafplio (Old town)
+30 6971760609


Αθ. Σιώκου 3, Τ.Κ. 211 00, Ναύπλιο (Παλιά Πόλη)