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An "all day" coffee-bar, that entertains you day and night!...

Every time I visit Nafplio, I feel glad noticing new shops in the streets of the city. My great pleasure is, however, when I discover the place, which at first glance I know will become my hangout. The "Plektirio" is definitely one of them. Between the places where you do not care if people will notice you or what you wear, but of those that make you feel cozy, comfortable and relaxed. Where the atmosphere and the people will suit you.
I do not know if this was the goal of Frosso and Themis, when they opened this coffee-bar in the summer of 2018, with the interesting name "Plektirio" (in Greek, it means the knitting-place or factory that produces knitted fabrics and clothes). A hangout that during the day has the identity of a coffee shop for everybody, without distinction of sex or age, and in the evenings it becomes the pub, where you will drink your beer among friends.

Simplicity above all...
Very centrally located, above Syntagma Square and just two steps from "Vouleftiko" (the Old Parliament Building), "Plektirio" stands out immediately in the eye of anyone strolling Staikopoulou Street. This ground floor of an old residential building, makes you stand and gaze for a while from the outside. Its yellow walls, the oil-green door, its two large windows create the right setting for you to sit in the tables outside, if the weather is good.
Entering inside, nothing is excessive, ultramodern or made to provoke. You sit in one of his small tables and -before all- your glance falls on the big corner bar. Is it because of the fish-bone style of its wood, the open shelves filled with drinks, or maybe the kind of the groups of friends, that are gathered around the high stools? An electric guitar at a corner, a rock collage-poster, a painting on the wall, small details that become the visualization of your favorite mainstream track, that sounds gently from the speakers.

Your choice any time of the day
If you go in the morning, the sun is refracted by the glass windows and "bathes" the plants on the ledges and the original fish shaped pillows made from rags. Another reason you are eager for the summer to come, is to lay (windows wide open) on these pillows here.
You begin your morning with the best tasting conditions selecting a coffee or a fresh juice, definitely the delicious pancakes -just as Frosso makes them for her daughters- or egg bread-slices with honey and cinnamon on top, tastes that travel you to your childhood.
Have you woke up rather late, after a long night out, hungry but lunch-time hasn't come yet? You may choose between toasts, club sandwiches, baguettes, fried potatoes with eggs and feta cheese, fried potatoes with melted cheddar and bacon on top, salty or sweet crepes or salads of three kinds -my favorite is green salad with blue cheese, walnuts, pears and balsamic!
Accompany them with a fresh juice or a homemade lemonade, which will cool and stimulate you. The sure thing is, that whatever dish you get, whatever flavor you like, it will surely win you by landing on your table with its elaborate and colorful food styling. 

The pub that unites friends
Do you wish to go out at night, with your sweetheart or your friends? At night, the scenery changes in "Plektirio"; the music goes louder, the lights fade out and beers come and go... Your cold beer will certainly seek a dish with sausages and potatoes or even a variety of cheeses and sausages or a bruschetta trilogy.
If you do not like beer that much, but you love cocktails, you came to the right place. Both Themis and Tasos, with extensive experience in catering business, make the best cocktails behind the bar. Remember to ask for their "Mai Tai", while if you want something special, then ask for a "New York sour". The friends who know, always ask "raki" with honey and wine with honey -that are made here- and in the summer the enjoyable, also hand-made sangria.
Apart from the drinks, what I love in "Plektirio" is that here you meet all ages. From moms with their daughters, who enjoy their breakfast, students or young people, who drink coffee or non alcoholic cocktails, up to bigger ones, who enjoy their beer and friends who tell their news with a glass of Greek wine.

Why does anyone finally come to "Plektirio"? To knit a personal story, to unwind his own personal bobbin or to wrap himself in the cocoon of a bunch, who knows how to have fun? I think, that with a beer in your hand, you simply leave the bobbin to unroll itself. Just like that…

Did you know that?
Its name was given not randomly, as here the place actually used to be a a knitwear shop, that manufactured knitted fabrics and clothes.
Do not miss to notice the floor of stone - it dates back to 1830!
If you are a vegetarian, ask for the vegetarian baguette or ask for your breakfast to be adjusted accordingly.
Are you a fan of Greek beer? Here you will find a variety, such as "Karma" beer from Corinth, "Septem" from Evia or "Mamos" from Patras.
Do not miss the unforgettable live music nights, with local jazz and swing bands.

In your choices...
Breakfast, Coffee, Dessert, Drinks, Sandwiches, Crepes and Pancakes, Wifi, Take-away

All year

Opening hours
Everyday from 09:00, until the next day's first morning hours!

8, Staikopoulou str. Nafplio (Old Town), GR 211 00
+30 27520 28787


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