Alkioni wine bar

Βασ. Αλεξάνδρου 26, T.K. 211 00 Ναύπλιο
27520 99231

As "alkioni" (the common kingfisher - Alcedo atthis) comes to our area to spend the winter, so the "Alkioni Wine Bar" came in the early November, to become our new winter hangout in Nafplio. And brought with it what could best warm us: hanging out in his beautiful cosy place with good wine!
With 150 selected labels, most Greek and few foreign, we are guided to the rare Greek wine varieties and seduced with colors and aromas, under the sound of good Greek and international music. To shop or to try quality wine, for individual wine tasting or participating with friends, the guys at Alkioni will take care of you and guide you on the secrets of good wine! And for "experts", they organize special tastings in the guidance of qualified sommeliers.

In your choices...
Fine wines, Drinks, Cold and Warm Dishes, Varieties, Snacks, Wifi, Take away

All year

Opening hours
From 12:00 noon until the first morning hours
First official opening on Friday, December 20th 2019.

Did you know that?
Alkioni, in its previous "phase" until Spring 2019, was more like a pub and bar with Greek folk music.

Βασ. Αλεξάνδρου 26, T.K. 211 00 Ναύπλιο
27520 99231

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