Ancient Greece - Wine tasting Standard or Ultra Premium

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From 60 €

Meet the wine from its roots in Ancient Greece! Taste Ancient Greek varieties, make a delicious journey through time and imagine yourself in an ancient Greek banquet (symposium)!... A unique wine tasting tour, from the beginnings of the famous vine cultivation (between 13th -11 century BC) to the present day, with the 360 cultivated Greek vine varieties, the richness and diversity of contemporary Greek wine production! Wine is so old, that it is lost in Mythology, so good, that in Greece it becomes a medicine (as Hippocrates considered it to be)...
In Nafplio old town, but also in the outskirts, in the countryside or by the sea, this wine tasting is offered for those wanting to know Ancient Greek varieties. Select between the two types of activity, the basic (Ancient Greece Standard), but also the Premium Ancient Greek tasting (Ancient Greece Ultra Premium).

Ancient Greece Standard
In this simple tasting of Ancient wines, learn the secrets of good wine and enjoy representative wines from ancient Greek varieties. A presentation in an elegant wine cellar, inside the old town of Nafplio or outdoors, in nature. Includes 4 glasses of selected wines from different varieties and regions of Greece! Accompanied by a variety of Greek fresh and grilled cheeses.
Ancient Greece Ultra Premium
In this Ultra Premium tasting of Ancient wines, for special or demanding and VIP customers, a special tasting of aged wines and Premium Greek wines is offered. The wine tasting includes 4 glasses of wine, 2 glasses of fine whites (from Serres region and Santorini) and 2 glasses of reds of special varieties, aged and Premium wines. They go well and are accompanied with a variety of fine cold cuts and cheeses, along with a T-bone tender beef steak.

Type of activity
Tasting of Greek wines of ancient varieties, Simple or
Premium special tasting (selection is offered)
Custom, private
Aimed at people aged 18 plus

1 hour 

Starting point - Return
Your hotel in the city of Nafplio.
If you do not stay in Nafplio, the Land Gate, at the entrance of the old town or the Nafplio port.
Transportation is offered upon request, with extra cost.

Wine Expert
The tasting of various wines
Accompanying, sausage and cheese varieties
Local Escort

Starting hours
12:00 - earliest starting time
20:00 - latest starting time
Contact us in case you require a custom made program

Greek, English, French, Spanish

Possibility of shopping (upon order), between numerous wines from all over Greece and also the various sausages and cheeses of tastings.
Transportation (option) is provided with extra cost.
The List of Wines proposed of the selected Tasting is available with your booking, upon request.

60€ /person (standard) -for 6 participants
100€ /person (ultra premium) -for 6 participants
This wine tasting activity is private
Minimum number of participants 2, maximum 6.
For larger groups, please contact us T. 27520 22100, E.

Cancellation policy
Accepted cancellations 5 days before, with full refund.

The activity is original and takes place all year round
It is flexible and can be held in various places, for various occasions (custom made)

Αρχαία Ελλάδα - Οινογνωσία Standard ή Ultra Premium