Lorcain & Maria: «Melody of happiness»

When our inspiration comes from the feelings of the couple, then the result is just dreamy! Lorcain and Maria arrived from Ireland to celebrate their wedding in the picturesque Nafplio, a beautiful and romantic city, just like their relationship!

Wonderful guitar, flute and piano melodies accompanied the couple during the ceremony, creating a lively atmosphere for everyone. Reaching the party time, the mood just took off ... the live band stirred not only the guests but also the whole beach! Spree, laughter, joy and rhythm were the only ones that dominated. We have lived unforgettable moments that we will always remember.


I am so glad we chose Discover Nafplio to help organise our wedding. The two Konstantinas were an absolutely dream to work with. We organised everything remotely from Ireland and relied heavily on their honesty, integrity and good taste! We was constantly amazing by how organised the ladies were. Everything we enquired about they had already considered or, if not, they provided us with options within a couple of hours. We trusted them implicitly and knew they always worked in our best interests, in terms of choosing the best and most cost efficient suppliers. The paperwork for getting married in Greece was a little complicated, however once we produced our Irish documentation, the ladies sorted everything out from the Greek requirement perspective. Our wedding day was honestly more than we ever expected. We didn't stress once during the whole day as the ladies has everything under control, so we never needed to worry. The decorations were so tastefully arranged, with very subtle direction from us! We were proud to have our wedding organised by Discover Nafplio and even more proud to have the two Konstaninas as guests at our wedding. They left at 3am once they felt their job was complete, incredible service and well worth the investment. Thank you Discover Nafplio for making our day one we will never forget.
Maria & Lorcain



Photography: Yiannis Sotiropoulos

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